Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello all again. Post puppy update post

I promise for this post to be free of references to Tek. While having him in our household is wonderful it has effected the amount of time, I can hid in my cave where my computer lives. So I have been choosing playing over writing. Although today I have the opportunity to do both I hope.

Start with news about Grai. It is taking me longer than I thought it might to get used to 30 minutes seals. I didn't have this problem when they went from 30 seconds to 2 minutes but I find myself still trying or wanting to refresh. Haven't done any raiding on him since my computer issues have been resolved but have been able to do some instancing. Heroic UP was very good to me and the best tanking sword for my content drop the Red Sword of Courage. I was a very happy Paladin, for whatever reason I hadn't run that instance many times on anyone so to get the on a first time heroic was awesome.

Fal got invited to help out EoG on there 10 man Naxx Plague Quarter run. For many reasons it was Fal's first successful foray into Naxx. While i would like to say that I safety danced well I can not. I didn't die during the first phase but I ran to deeply into zone 4 and couldn't get out in time. Alas all was not a loss though thanks to some very nice loot rules I was able to roll on these .
I won them and the next boss dropped the t7 shoulders on which I passed and the other warrior on the run was able to get them.

Also have been suffering a bit of altitis lately. Having tons of fun on my discipline priest lately. He low 60's but showing marvelous versatility in that I can heal well in on level instances and do decent soloing damage. It is very nice to play a pure caster class for me something I have had trouble with in the past never getting anyone save Fanabb out of the 20's. Reflective shield and power word shield are a very nice combo for me at the moment and it is adding a huge portion of fun back into the game. I have to low 70's alts but just have no desire to re run northrend quest again at this time.

Well there ya go, the gang has been updated. Heading off to hellfire to smite my way to Zang and beyond have fun all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He ruined my reputation

As some of you may know we recently had a new addition to our family. Tek a Boston Terrier puppy. Well I work at a Vet Clinic and normally don't get all gushy over the puppies and or kittens that come in. Well on Friday Tek went to see the doctor and it was a cold rainy day here in Western New York so I carried him inside my coat.

Kinda ruined the grumpy old man persona I was working towards.

But here he is in all his glory, and yes he thinks he's the biggest dog in the room. Behind him in the photo is Shrinn.