Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pets,Arena,Streaks, Oh My!!

  Hello again folks, I'm back with the 100th edition of my version of internet flotsam and jetsam.  Today's meanderings will actually have somewhat of a focus.  The fine folks over @Stormwind Bait Co. awarded the darling little frost mage of doom himself Lil' KT to a fine wielder of the arcane arts who also specializes in frost Dodickley

  Now how I came to be the proud owner of such a fine companion as Lil K.T. was a silly little jab at my friend Barklay.  The contest was announced shortly after the still inexplicable druid changes  about being able to remove snares by shifting, so in the nature of our shared sense of humor I decide to tweek him a tad.  So what follows was what I came up with.

Hey You come over here for a second I have something I need to tell ya just can't be real loud about this.  I think I just discovered why all the druids are in this crazy uproar over abilities they have had for centuries going away.  Here let me show you this ragged bit of scroll that has that ancient night elf language on it.

  The first part of the scroll is hard to make out but it looks like some rambling about how he stole my girl and then locked me up for 10,000 years having better ideas.  Kinda gives the idea on who wrote this stuff if ya follow along with it huh.

  Now this next part this is where the answer lie I think.  Apparently if I'm reading this right he cast some kind of bizarre time warped massive spell steal on all druids.  Now this is ingenious I tell you oh my the style the out of nowhere massive hit why this, this is beauty.  Oh I'm sorry I got caught up in the pure beauty of that spell.

  Well let me explain what this wonderful spell does.  5 years after my death all druids will no longer be able to escape any snare. So they can't steal people loves. But because we are taking away that from them I'll let them make everyone run faster so its a fair race.  Ha Ha bird boy take that.

  Of course because I am the master of Arcane when this happens mages will dominant even more in Warsong Gulch because those girl stealing druids can be snared.

  They had thought they were prepared  HA HA HA..

  Now I just wanted to let you guys in on this, of course as a mage I firmly agree with everything Illidan did.


  The rest of the title refers to a achievement that Barklay and I received last night with a huge help from Wetfoot.  Bark,Wet and I had spent a very long and bad weekend in SoA grinding honor to fill in / upgrade a few pieces each and Bark and I were excitedly waiting for Tues for the arena reset. Our 2's team got stars aligned lucky and went 5-0. We were capped and liked the look of the week's stats so we stopped on those two for that team .  Last night we grabbed Wet when he logged in and planned on getting in our 3's, well whatever orbital alignment was still in our favor as we tore off another streak of 7 in a row. Getting Bark and I the hot streak achievement, but sadly leaving us 3 short of Wetfoot also having his.  He being the good friend and great all round person was happy for us and said "He would get his next time".

   Am having a tremendous amount of fun in the game again, with the same folks that I have raided and generally ran around in Azeroth with for awhile now.  Proving yet again to me that it is partially the great game Blizzard has made for us, but more importantly to me are the wonderful people who I play this game with.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes I heal in BGs and Arenas

 Hello my name is Graimerin and I'm addicted to, three things. One the quick nice flow to a arena match, the other the controlled chaos of a battleground, and a endless progression of Alts.  Arena's they most scorned portion of the game for the majority of the PvE players because of the changes made to balance PvP to PvE, I have had my tow stuck in the water back when Season 1 first launched. Hunter,Rogue,Holy Paladin we didn't dominate we didn't get rolled but the team never made it out of season 1. Later BC ran with a druid,hunter combo up to getting enough ranking for current seasons weapons. I have currently 3 active arena toons. Team size and comp is every changing as more people from my guild are drawn in.
  Battlegrounds or more specifically WSG way back in Vanilla introduced me to world or warcraft's pvp model. I did a lot of the dueling/mad cow levels in D2 and hung out a little in the ques back then.  So here I go into WSG around level 33 or so. The day that my love hate relationship started with rogues; or more to the point my fear that if I didn't kill them I was doomed.
        Dedicated healer of the light is waiting for the FC to emerge from the secret tunnel underneath the enemies fortress. Flag Carrier health stalwartly maintaining its level the big heal lights up just as he comes into range. He's mid cast this is the heal that will carry his team to a smashing route of the opposing team when, BAM!! swirly nonsense over his head and the cast bar disappeared, shortly there after to be replace with a release button.
  That was my introduction to WSG when there we're no terms like resilience, arena teams/points  just this slowly declining honor system that if you had the rank you could get the piece.  2 things grew out of that weekend, me getting hooked good with the idea of battlegrounds and altism.  The altism, easy that was the weekend that Carack appeared on my character sheet; maybe the real reason I've always called him brat boy.
  So know its 6 years later and I'm still PvPing my arse off. Have currently 2 dedicated healers for BG. A newly minted one time main Grai has hit 85, late last night. A crafted set off the AH and a very understanding guildmate last night managed to get my 5 wins, almost felt like stealing a week;but it will help arenas gear ramp up. My priest who I had intended to melt faces, has gone back to disc. damage mitigation anyone. Also currently in the rotation is my frost mage but that will be another day.
  So as my friend over @ TheBait Company said of me :
         lI place the blame solely on my guildmate and friend Graimerin. He’s a bit of PvP junkie, and another one of Parallel‘s habitual alt-oholics. He’s incurable.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some drinkin' Music

Happy St. Paddy's all

PS- Not a work or Kid friendly song for those who would like to know in advance

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Annnnd in this Pasture.......

  They other night hanging out in Stormwind and in guild chat I got being randomly funny with my oldest son, Olli (character name).  Who was actually resting his leg, he needs to do this because today we found out he blew out his ACL* 2 weeks ago when he slipped on ice.  Anyways, back to the funny story.  I forgot why now but we where being silly with what names you could come up with based on my character sheet.  I thought that a Tauren Paladin named Ribramord would have been funny, heck still do.  He thought for a minute or two and did honestly come up with the undisputed winner though.  So now good citizens of the internets I present to you the terror of School lunches and currently the Mulgore region, in all his heirloom glory Graibeef and his faithful companion Gristle.   Right now a one shot machine at level 10 with all the heirloom toys.  The ones of mine that have funny stories or some that make me laugh generally will get played so I imagine he will level up some. Looking forward to doing battlegrounds and re-leveling a paladin amidst all the newness. Haven't tried one since vanilla that wasn't named Grai to level on a live server.  So watch out comming to a battle ground near you...Graibeef.

*PS - While sore he's doing okay. We go 9-March to schedule his operation. Yeah the joys of a 18 yr old not being able to hang out in early spring. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Name changes and other such nonsense

  If you made your way here by design,thank you.  Or conversely if this is a wrong turn on your browsing just pull up a stool for a few.  Lots of changes have been going on here at the blog and on the character sheet. First of all Fal is now the undisputed PvE main.  I say PvE main as this xpac has found my love of PvP stronger than it has been since the inception of arena back in early BC.
  Way back in those days of god awful paladin arena gear with awesome stats Grai healed. Had some success with a Hunter,Rouge.Holy Paladin team.  BC ended with me playing Padrad my BM hunter at the time and Elysse, Shrinn's resto druid, we were good enough for each of us at that time to get current seasons equipment.  Wrath came and with it many changes, one for some reason I didn't PvP as much and hardly did any arenaing at all.  Shrinn didn't play and with PuG raiding being okay with differing lockouts for 10 and 25 man groups most night found me anywhere from Nax to the Ruby Santctum.  PvP interst withered away.
  Cat arrived and I had a varied array from decently geared to ICC has nothing for me geared toons lined up and waiting to go.  Fal the toon who had all ways been second to reach cap albeit generally within a week or two of Grai just always second.  Well this time he went first. Fury dps is as good if not better than anytime in its history, we still don't have any form of CC but we do offer utility and a hell of alot of dps.  The second and third toons are the ones that have surprised me and re ignited the pvp bug. Dodickely my frost mage you offers insane amounts of CC and can be very difficult to kill, while peeling baddies of ones healer very well. He is 85 and gathering gear for arena and rated bgs.  Fanabb shadow priest of doom, my bestest dps toon by far at the end of wrath, is capable of absolutely silly damage in battlegrounds.  So the bug is firmly back in me and apparently it was a tad contagious because Shrinn who is playing again and Olli my oldest son and I have a plan to form a 3's team and compete together in arena.  Sure that either yelling through the house or over vent we will have a lot of laughs.
  Grai for those that are wondering is enjoying semi-retirement in Stormwind doing his JC dailys and slowly leveling engineering. I'm sure he will resurface at some point,either getting beat on as the meat shield out front or standing in the back healing away.
  Just figure I say hi after the long silience and see if anyone is left to say Hi back