Monday, February 22, 2010

Non Wow News

Yes finally my son's leg has finally healed and the cast has been removed. Just figured this would be the quickest way to let everyone know.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three and a half Tanks

Well Yesterday say the arrival of the newest addition to my every growing club of 80's. Sheenah the punk rock DK. The little gnome that went to chill with the band and maybe hang out with the prince hit 80. What is fun about her is that I picked the race/gender based on a RL friend of mine and Shrinn's who also played and with whom I would generally have spirited debates about when punk died (late 70's if anyone was wondering). So tongue firmly planted in check I modified a Ramones' song title into what I could get on my server and poof Sheenah was a punk rocker was born. Obviously she didn't zoom her way to 80 but sat patiently on the shelf whilst others got their chances first. I honestly have spent time on her as every spec searching for the one the I liked the play style of and fit into my crazy idea of why I made her. Somewhere in the mid 70's I switched over to a dual wield frost build and the lights flashed and the bells rang and I had found her spec; because the for whom she is named played a gnome rogue and everything just kinda fit.

Well she had her spec but was still gathering dust, why I couldn't find the feel to play her. Then the LFD tool made it appearance on the scene and it was game changing for me and my legion of alts. While not the first of the LFD babies to hit 80 I knew she would get there. So I started queing as tank/dps when I wanted an instant dungeon of just dps if I like the area I was leveling in. I intentionally slowed her down towards the end so that I could try to max her badges so that she would have a decent start at heroics.

Well yesterday in my bestes new gear ranging from ilvl245 to ilvl 175 I figured if I que for a random heroic. It would have to be UK right? Uh no. I got heroic Old Kingdom. 3 trash pulls in I'm laying face down watching. Apologize to group for being undergeared explained I was brand new to 80 and apologized and dropped group. The response in party chat was thanks good luck etc nobody was being a jackass, which gave me a pleasant surprise. Couple gear tweeks later I decide to try to que just for heroic UK. Get a group go in and explain to everyone that I'm a brand new 80, but not new to tanking. Please follow kill order and give me a minute to get threat. Had 2 shaman a rogue and a ret pally, the rogue was keeping TotT on me and it went very well I died once or twice but no group wipes. Finished it and again thanked them all for taking it slow for me and again everyone was decent with well wishes etc..

So yes now I have 3 80 capable tanks that have each tanked heroics in the new lfd system. While I have a huge like of the tool I have found personally that on my new to 80 toons a quick heads up goes a long ways. I remember gearing my other tanks in guild runs mostly where we each new each other and what to expect. With pugs being the way of the new 5 man I found out that a quick "hey folks I'm a new healer/tank/dps just so you know hasn't ever gotten me a jerkish response.

So now with no 60 thru 80 toon to level I will be spending that time on my druid. Who has been on the character sheet second longest to Grai. Shrinn's original toon, the one I never new if I was gonna level or just keep cause it was hers. Her test out the game and she if she liked it toon. She currentlt sits at 39 now having done her share of runs in the new lfd system. Hopefully soonish I shall write her post of dinging 80.

So long for now all.