Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My love hate relationship with the weekly raid

The title says it all. This week on my server weekly was Ol' Spikey himself, for my guild main toon this wasn't a issuse I knew I get the weekly in. But as I stated in the last post I love to pug, I like pugging both the 10 man and 25 man version of ICC on Fanabb as well as the 25 man version on Grai. What seems to happen on my server is that when we get the weekly as Lord Marrowgar the number of 25 man pugs drops dramatically. Added to that is the fact that multiple people will drop as soon as the quest is complete it just makes it frustrating. Although the week wasnt a complete wash as Grai managed to upgrade two pieces and Fanabb got a huge upgrade.

In the random silliness category watched someone try to form a Onyxia 25 man with what I thought was a ridiculously high gear score requirement. Was I trade on and off different toons for an hour and he was still looking. But I'm sure plenty of folks where glad to see a female gnome clicking off bunny ears on the Dal bank steps for the first solid 15 minutes.

Odd happenings Grai won a tier token in ICC and was asked if he wanted to sell it. I declined kinda nice having 2 pieces of the top non heroic tier raid gear.

As is generally the case a lot of fun was had not as much as say a Naxx or Uld weekly can generate but saronite is droping like a stone in price. Still like to farm the weekly with the lesser geared alts because I need badgers.

In the closing hour till announced servers back wonder what the weekly will be this go round.