Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why does the healer have Shadowmourne?

This post will attempt to answer that and all the other burning questions no one knew to ask. S'Ok last thing I posted on here was the impending demise of this bit of internet pollution. When I wrote that I didn't wanna play and most certainly had no intention of writing about the game again. Although being a incurable sentimentalist I couldn't wipe it away and now I'm grateful that I didn't. I can push the old out with a redesign and at least ramble on about a few new silly things, kinda like the title. Yeah I know be patient I didn't say I was gonna answer question fast did I.
Quick summary of who now is in the gang. Graimerin paladin has been around since vanilla, spent the most part of 2 and 1/2 versions of this game protection, (yes even in Vanilla)but now is either holy or ret. Falromord my beloved retired dwarf I hope Cata brings back my love for him. Fanabb shadow priest of doom and my favorite toon to pug with, dispersion for the win. Padrad dwarf hunter the toon that turned me into a crit junky, honestly survival in early wrath yes I love big yellow numbers. Carack my often neglected rogue the fun we had in AV in Vanilla at 60 your 80 now and rated bgs are coming I see a resurgence. Sheenah my punk rocker dk inspired by a in game friend who no longer plays, she always gives me a special laugh when I think of whom shes named for. Elyssia my inherited druid from when Mary wanted to try this new game out, and we quickly discovered that we needed 2 accounts; never could delete her and now she is also 80. Finally we have Dodickley not yet 80 but has maybe my best ever silly character back story, Mary used to play alot on her mage Shrinnpoof and I was at that time playing Fal alot. One of the boys wanted to quest together around that time so I made a new mage, a gnome of course and joking said it was the bastard son of Falro and Shrinn. Well she heard it laughed like hell for a few minutes and every time she sees me playing him she giggles again.
Alright-y well now that I have everyone caught up I guess I better explain the title. Ok everyone I need you to remember back to a time when paladins were laughed if we tried to do anything but heal. Well the guild leader of my original(still going thanks Dirz and Huna) guild was a holy paladin and I was a protection paladin. He was smarter than me and played the class the way the designers intended it to be played me I wanted to play it my way. Well somehow we kept each other alive long enough to get through a lot of the vanilla content doing it that weird way. Early TBC he rolled a 2nd paladin and for some reason was gonna be ret. , yes by now I wondered if he had spent to much time outside in the Florida summer. But I digress. Well he got that one to cap at that time and started to raid on her and do very very well, all the time wearing a mish mash of leather, mail and plate. Well I decide to try out ret for wrath and was blown away even after they nerfed us through the ground baby. With the release off ICC I decide that I no longer wished to tank or at least tank on Grai. He went holy keeping his ret off spec. Well last week I had the fortunate opportunity to go on a 25 man run with my old guild leader and good friend. While it is always fun to run with friends and just that chance alone would have made it worth it the healer got the blood's from the potato heads. Yes we are in the shadow of the new xpac for sure. Though I am doggedly pursuing it I only have shaow's edge currently, some day I want some youngster to the game to ask the tank "Why does the healer have Shadowmourn.?"