Monday, April 20, 2009

Im back and will try to post more often

Hello again all. Been hectic around casa Grai the last few weeks. Between changing schedules, school vacations, teen age sons visiting for holidays April is almost over and I not even sure where it went.

Not loads of in game news. Fanabb is 69 resting up in Northrend. Graimerin was seduced by the crit side. Not much else new from the character sheet.

Personal wise Shrinn's health is okay nothing new good or bad on that front. John's B-Day is fastly approaching, this Friday. Guess who gets to play party planner lol. I'm good just trying to adjust to the new schedule with SHrinn working evenings now.

And a picture update on the Puppy.

Who has double in size since we got him lol he may be over 10 lbs by now.

SOrry so short and frantic style stories will return soonish.

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Mack said...

Yay! Welcome back Fal/Grai. I have been reading your archived stories and they are quite good. Glad your computer issues got fixed and Tek is growing into quite the handsome little man... er... dog... er... amazing bundle of cute/masculine-ness.