Friday, June 11, 2010

Uncertain WoW future

I literally have been playing wow so long now that its ingrained into my daily routine. Like many things through out the years of my life it started out to be a great joy and now its something I do. Unsure of what I'm gonna do. Maybe Arthas and Deathwing are safe, at least I can promise I shall not litter the internet with more poorly written prose.

Im gonna take this sight down after the weekend not because I think it has anything anyone wants to see anymore but because I have stuff I want and need to do this weekend when the help is here.

Blasting away this is a few keystrokes.

Later all anybody hey if there is some one still turn the light out when ya leave


Dammerung said...


Night said...

gonna miss Grai's stories.


Algie said...

Poo! D=