Friday, February 6, 2009

Why I havn't posted in a few days

Hello again folks. Been trying to get used to some new glasses, they have transition lenses. Easiest way to explain it for anyone under the bifocal cap is this. Imagine your eyes are out of control zoom lenses, every time you move your view point(eyes/head) the image either gets larger or smaller and also becomes fuzzy or clear. That been my life the last couple of days. My dear Shrinn tells me I look like a bobble head doll with a bad spring in it.

Okay some quick updates and maybe a small rant upcoming.

Play time has been somewhat limited for above reason but did manage to get a couple runs in last night. Log into Fal and figured I'll waste time for awhile waiting to see if we would have enough people log in for some guild raids VoA/OS. Get a whisper from a old guildie who needed dps for heroic VoA/OS figured 90 minutes should be plenty of time and if the guild needed me I warned in advance that I would leave.

So I make my way to wintergrasp only to find out we are still filling spots ok short wait but no biggie. Well we finally assemble blow threw Archie like the sub zero winds we have been having over here in the east and move on to OS.

Now I have over an hour till a possible guild run should be no problem. Right? Oops we had mad problems. From people dcing,sleeping, going afk without warning all the wonderful lovely things I despise about pugs. So we are finally moving through the trash no major issues take down western drake. After looting him we move our position up some and somebody face pulls next pat. We lived through but the recount of who,why and what took about 5 minutes. Clear trash skip the whelp drake as we want to try and leave him up for the bonus loot. Clear rest of trash and other drake.

Now we approach Sartharion, the raid leader didn't have a pre planned set up for tanking or healing assignments did I say this was a pug already. So after a period of time we finally make our attempt. Wipe for many reason. Fly back in try again wipe again more reason some same some new. Now we decide to take down drake we left. 10 minutes later we are still talking, I love pugs.

We kill the last drake then take 3 more attempts to finally kill Sartharion. 6 heroic emblems average out to about 12g a piece in repair bills.

Now I will freely admit this was a pug. Also that I am very spoiled by our guild runs we have communication in general vent chat, we have a healer channel so they can plan and raid leaders and tanks know who's doing what; and we rarely ever have bickering. It was just eye opening to see how different life can be than what I am used to.

Ok rants done.

I forgot after that wonderful waste of time I've just chronicled we did manage a guild heroic of AN. Seeing how are secret weapon was on-line. Grai managed to get the belt of the last boss which was a big upgrade for him. No trinket but ended the night on a relaxing run with the guild.

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