Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm alive still

A quick update on what is happening here at the rl home of Grai's Gang. This last week has been kinda a lost one towards anything productive. SHrinn MB arrived DoA Friday night bummer but easily worked around. The bigger issues is was that I came down with pneumonia. I sure i misspelled it. Well that put me in the ER all day saturday and has effectively put me on my but most of this week.

Yesterday Shrinn had her spinal tap a nasty headache has been the only negative side effect so far.

And the GAng got one member larger yesterday out 8week 4 day old Boston terrier joined our home.

I have a new power supply to order for my PC tomorrow Shrinn new mb should be in mid week I hope and then if all things smile at us we should be back.

So to friends we miss you all terrible each day but god willing only at worst another 7-10 days and we will be annoying you folks again.


Azzarrea said...

Awe! You'll have to post photos of your new pup!

I actually got a cocker spaniel puppy a month ago! Good luck with housetraining, mine is 11 weeks now and is still working on it, however she does sit, lay down, and fetch. :)

Ely said...

A WEEK!!!! no! no! no!

Well if I have to wait I guess I have to wait. Miss you lots. :) Give Shrinn some hot tea with honey and have some yourself :)