Friday, May 15, 2009

Adventures in Dragon Slaying ( Old world Style)

As some of you know the old boring life style around the Gang's house has changed drastically for the good. My 4 sons are now living here which is a major change but that's already been posted now on to the WoW stuff.

My oldest Olli for purposes of the blog was questing out in the Badlands and saw Temperus the Devourer and wondered if I would give a shot a taking him down. So I made my way out to the Badlands and boom one dead dragon. Two of those perfect crystals which wield a nice rare bow and a usable plate Helm. He was very happy one for getting the dragon two for getting loot.

Well about this time the old man had a smashing idea!! Can we get a level 52 warrior into Onyxia's Lair. Well of we fly to wetlands and then over to thereamore I don't have the mudsprocket fp wasn't there when I was lol. So he flies over to mudsprocket and I swim. We get to the lady's dwelling and yes he could enter.

Well we clear the trash leading up to her and then I engage her. He got the non achievement achievement of dieing to the whelps during flight phase. Yes the Blizz gods will seek payment for 52's doing Ony. So we get her down he got the real achievement and it was a hoot.

The warrior helm didn't drop but he has a nice 18 slot bag plus other assorted vendor ables. Me I got to do something with my son had a great time and a nice moment. We used to do Warcraft II together and this brought back some happy memories. Its kinda nice to see him back into the game as he was the one that got me to get the original way back when.

Now he's chomping to reach 60 so he can turn in the head and be the dragon slayer for a bit.

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