Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank You

Warning what follows is a non wow specific blog post.

Some of you fine folks know that the last week has been somewhat bizarre in cassa Grai. My four sons are living here now and it definitely changes the dynamic from a 3 person household to a 7 person household. I delighted that they are living here but the circumstances were to say the least emergent. In this last week I have discovered some things about the WoW community and blogging that I wanted to share.

First off to all my guildies in Sidhe Devils you are very awesome people. Your words of kindness and your simply concern for me and my family was awe inspiring. We flame asshats gleefully and may occasionally feed trolls. What I/we rarely do is thank the decent and considerate among us. So I decide to use this semi public forum to say thank you to a large group of people who made me realize that sometimes playing this silly game we share can be a way to help a real person not just pixels.

Secondly to anyone who I read and enjoyed as a blogger and I tried to emulate in my poor fashion thank you. I will never be one of the premiere wow bloggers, my silly little stories aren't those of ratters, i don't do the post that BBB does, I cant write that long (lol). The hundreds that are not mentioned I apologize to. Why am I thanking the other bloggers, well my oldest son read my silly stories about Grai, and Fal then about Burning Steppes and got excited about creating his own stories for his characters. We talked for along time last night about how his toon would be and how my would play a part in there story. His creativity has always been by drawing but this silly blog site gave us a chance to be closer and to share a common interest.

These are gifts that I would have never received if not for a game. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but it is all I have to offer. So the next time some asshat does what asshats do please remember that some of us appreciate those that blog and those that just say hello when we log into g chat.

Be well in Azeroth my friends and save some bad guys for me.

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Ely said...

we love having you around and again i'm so sorry about the kids mother.