Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yes, I am a 3.3 fanboy

Hello fellow wanderers. Random LFG tool how awesome I think this is, almost game changing. I was always a avid battleground person on all my toons. Not withstanding the occasional asshat telling x number of people they suck and he,she,it are ubber leet; I readily enjoyed the random aspect of a on-line game throwing x number of people in for a common cause. I love running with friends and guildies always have, if ask pre-3.3 I would have cheerfully said I was anti-pug. That I would get the random asshats in battlegrounds and they were enough. Well 3.3 been out for a bit and I have pugged every toon I have that is above 70 at least once and multiple times on most. With by far the general experience being positive. Heck I even made use once of the random raid finder and ran into my old old guild filling in spots for a 25 man VoA.

A few things I have discovered more on Grai doing the random heroic than on Fanabb doing the random regular; first of which is the speed which 95% of the tanks chain pull trash. The other day did a random heroic daily on Grai that turned out to be Halls of Lighting. Double check make sure the tank is set right on healbot and away we go. We ran that dungeon + trash as AoE to the boss burn everything down. I was incredible fun for me playing Grai holy because in the average fast speed 5 man I never need to worry about mana and may only drink prior to final boss simply to have back to a full bar. No worries about judging wisdom and running into melee range to grab a little back or using divine intervention wisely. This run pushed me into every mana back trick I had including my darkmoon card. We finished and I had many real life things to do and was unable to continue as they were going on to chain run and pull I'm sure many more. Fanabb who is currently 75 moves a wee bit slower disc priest w/alchemy so I make free use of endless mana pot out of combat, the nice trinket with the + 40% boost and have to sit to drink, for instance in violet hold regular and the end of each boss waiting for portals again. It seems that the zerg mentality is definitively this patch's flavor of the month.

Heroic Halls of Reflection is probably the instance I enjoy most on my hunter. I get to use CC again, I try and frost arrow either the mage or the priest if they are both in AoE damage ill try for the rifleman but for me he is harder. Same thing with the casters on the gauntlet, some tanks use their AoE abilities other just save them for the last to be killed. I know blizz said that CC would be back in for Cat, just very glad that its made an appearance so soon.

My DK has even tank a few random dungeons. Soloing never need to worry about icebound fort or bone shield. Now I throw on the cobalt defense set pop frost aspects and have a different group of cooldowns to manage. Having played prot for so long on Grai its AoE tanking but different. Now get your AoE attack down and then insult the groups lineage,weaponry or sorry I meant death grip one taunt the other and have ghoul boy annoy the third. I mark on Sheenah because I not toatly confident in my aggro building on her and only had one fail group when healer was half and half on gear and at the low minium level for the instance.

Ah Carack my long ignored rouge, love him at max level for PvP never found a like of rouge PvE play. He was and is incredible fun in AV and annoying in WSG, but never leveled him fast and never felt comfortable in any spec but sub.. Done a few randoms on him and went assassination and do decent plus hes an enchater so I offer that lol.

Fal poor Fal is still languishing on the couch of WoW he's done a few random heroics but still havent gotten back into him post the fury nerf. When the shine dims down on the others he'll get his run.

Well I guess thats 3.3 for me on the whole a hugely positive at a time when WoW was getting stale. Perspectives change on many things and for me pugging has been a very good thing

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