Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hail hail the Gangs all here!!!!

When I started this blog and came up with the silly title it was about 5 characters on Kael'thas alliance US side; Graimerin, Falromord, Carack, Padrad, and Fanabb. I wasn't sure what I was gonna write about as I had never thought about a blog and started because people I grouped with and respected had some so I wanted to give it a whirl. I quickly decide not to infect the internet with another gear/spec blog when there are others who already do that and much better than I could. So it evolved into a place where I write silly stories loosely related to the in game actions of my characters. I decide to do it this way as a ode to my paper and pen days when all the visuals where in our imagination.

Well what any of that has to do with the title is very simple I have managed to get the gang all to 80. Fanabb recently dinged 80, so one expansion late I managed to make one of my goals. Hopefully soonish I will be posting there version of the gangs struggle to bring down Arthas.

On a different topic what started as a off hand joke to a friend is gathering a chance to see completion also. I forget the exact comment that started it but i joking around said that having 2 of the 4 tanks classes at max gave me a look at the differences, similarities maybe I should level one of each just to see. Well as that stands now I have a 77 dk and a 31 druid both have tanked at current level and Im enjoying it. To me the DK is AoE tanking with more offensive cool downs and a diffent set of oh Shit buttons. The druid is still to low of a level for me to say for certain but I remember on Fal that for him it got easier as rage became less limited.

So in closing hopefully a return of the stories soon and hopefully updates on the goal to have all 4 tank classes at 80 pre-cat.


Kaelynn said...

Congrats on getting Fanabb to 80!

I think that having all 4 tanks at 80 would really give you good insight into the strengths/weaknesses of each, and experience slightly different playstyles. Sounds like fun! I would love to have a healer of each class (that one is a long time coming, as the paladin and priest are in their 30's, the druid doesn't exist yet).

Petal said...

Congrats, Grai!

I have 3 80s now and working on my 4th. I seem to be doing healing classes though (except for the lock).

I love the idea of an all-tank gang... it'd give you a well-rounded experience and outlook.

Night said...

Hehe, I am starting my collection of healers. Healing on the priest is so much different than on the Drood. Can't wait to read more.