Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Err..Sorry for the gnome he Invaded when I was out taking care of some errands

Again apologies for the gnome invasion, apparently he and some have rabid feral druid made some kind of arena team and he hijacked my story telling time, with stories of his supposed arena victories. Bah a gnome and a kitty cat goodness sounds like a bored animal and their play toy. The reasons for my absence and my revenge on the little feller I'll share at the end of catching everyone up on what has happened with Grai,Fanabb,and,the rest of the fellas.

First off Grai, changed after he and a bunch of fine friends took down Arthas. His aged seemed hit him all at once, he lost a foe that had daunted him since Lordaeron burned. He was a good man, even if he ran when Arthas slew his father the king. Named outlaw the same day he carried his private shame till he saw its fire finally snuffed out when Tirion slew Arthas.  Now he is content to sit in Stormwind tinkering with of all things gnomish engineering, and cutting and setting the jewels he collects for my infrequent mining forays. He says that he has found peace in his retirement, I says he got to old to hold his shield up anymore.

Fanabb well he heard the call from the nightelves and scurried of to help Malfurion and the others help hold back the advance of Ragnoros's minions from the firelands.

Now Carack he's been up to now good again, as usual I know. This time though I asked him for some help with the little gnome problem I had. So he sends into all manner of strange places to get him some odd things, finally he tells me its all set. So I ask him what I'm supposed to do, nothing special he tells me just invite the gnome over for a pint and a bit and he'll take care of the rest. He has some limited skill in magic and poisons and such no I figures I'm safe. Bah the brainless sneak thief done screwed up big this time, though I must admit the gnome does look rather fancy duel wielding his maracas.

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