Saturday, September 10, 2011

Think I have accomplished my final goal in WoW

Its the Saturday after my personally most successful raid in a long time. We didn't kill any "new" bosses, I didn't get any loot, I just was able to accomplish a goal from way back in the days of vanilla WoW. The person who got me into this game was my oldest son, we had done the first two warcraft rts games together back before his mother and I split. He was visiting and he told me about warcraft on line game I figured that we should try it out. Well it was I think his and his brothers next visit down when he told me about these silly movies people make about warcraft. I thought he was pulling my leg to be honest, but a short you tube search later and we found our favorite movie Illegal-Danish. While we laughed at all the characters our loudest laugh was when the guild leader showed off the new tabard and the grief from his girlfriend. We laughed again and said how much fun it would be to have that god awful looking thing be a guild tabard even if only for a day.

Well fast forward about 6 years and many things are different, the boys now all live with me. The oldest is in art school and vanilla has been revamped to make it better. One other thing that changed is last night my guild Parallel went into Firelands with the star fish tabard displayed. So when I talk with my son this weekend I'm sure we will share a laugh about our favorite scene from our favorite WoW movie.

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Bar said...

Fun times, fun time! There is always a place for such silliness in Parallel!