Monday, May 16, 2011

Continuing to give Book reasons to hate frost mages

Let me start this by saying that I am not a elite PvP  "a bad" would be much closer to the truth, but even a bad cab get lucky every once in awhile.  I had a couple of those star alignment moments in the last week or so of arenas and I figured that I bore you folks with the details.  Luckily these events all occurred when Book was busy playing with the cows. The first 2 happened partner with another friend of ours Wet, the third was with Gil earlier today.

The first one with Wet was against a lock,warrior team. We decide to open and burn the lock then come back for the warrior. Wet and the lock died about the same time, leaving me and the warrior. Frost mage at 35% hp and arms warrior at around 65%. Through the beauty of snares,blink,frost tombs and evocation I managed to survive with about 2% hp left and win the match. Wet said he felt bad for the warrior because he couldn't move.

The Second one I don't remember the warrior partner's class. But the warrior was at about 10% and Wet was down under 5% he disengaged and with the beauty of server latency two things seemed to occur simultaneously the warrior heroic leap and my tomb of frost. Ha landed just outsides of Wet's dead zone frozen and Wet finished him off.

Today's was my new personal favorite. Gil and I had time for one more match. We Que and get a team of Disc. Priest + DK.  We nuke the priest together, the whole while the Dk is trying to keep me off the priest. Priest dies Gil is hardly down any hp + a victory rush to restore what he needed. Me I was down under 5%, evo was already gone, and I was waiting for frost nova and blink to come off cd.  Well they did so I nova'd then blinked away, giving Gil the time to finish off the warrior and I ended the match with a grand total of 231 hp left.

I know all the wins were more a result of a unique class and a whole lot of luck, with a huge huge helping from my arena partners for doing most all of the work. Just wanted to share them.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For Bookley

  Made me laugh I'm a cruel person, but I thought of you. Bookley's alter ego,

Still finding excitement in different ways

  The last few weeks have been a bit different around the character sheet. As I rambled about earlier I have been doing a lot of arena, not a real huge change for me as I always have a fondness for PvP.  Where the change has come is how I spend my solo time in the game.  In expansions past I would either be min/maxing like a fiend or looking for a new trick to push whatever toon was the current "golden boy" over the top.
  From Vanilla forward I have had a least 2 classes that were tank capable., at my craziest I had all four tank classes at end game. I would get excited about news of a new PTR had to copy over to get a look at the new mechanics, to be ready to into these new instances as soon as the went live. Wrath around the time they released Call of the Crusade the guild I was in was redefining what it wanted to do, so I ran pick up raids.  It became insanely fun, it was possible if one had enough alts to raid almost every night. One of my fondest memories of that time centered around my priest; he had just dinged 80 maybe a day prior when a raid pugmate of mine asked if I wanted to fill in a hole in their 25 man ToC.  I let them know that he was brand new but they said fine just don't make stupid mistakes, bad dps was better than dead dps.  So I got carried I knew it they knew it but the funny part was the guild comments when the achievement system spammed guild that I had cleared ToC 25, was generally dang it you just dinged and already are raiding in pugs on that toon.  When the format for Cat was announced with shared lockouts between 10 and 25 man raids a question on our guild forums openly wondered what I would do.
  Well Cata dropped and the first thing I found out was that I didn't wanna quest, the new content was fun the art was awesome just felt like ugg not again.  So I did a very Fal thing and made a new alt, dwarf shaman this time. Favorite race and a new to me class;non horde shaman.  He was fun during the reworked content of vanilla,but stumbled near outlands as I have no love for hellfire or zangamarsh. Stopped playing him with the idea that I would take my mage into arenas. Did so and love it fast paced matches that can be done around the crazy schedules that my arena partners and I share.  Then that part of me that draws me back into this game happened. I got stuck so I decide that I needed to level Graimerin wanted to play him in arena. I managed to get through all of the Mount Hyjal zone and again ran smack into quest burn out.  Around this time a arena partner was leveling a warrior annoyed at some minor druid changes. He said that Archeology with rested xp was a decent way to level. So I figured it would be a change to the questing burnout, why not give it a whirl.
  My WoW career is filled with seemingly small changes like this.  What I found was a new desire, the thrill of wondering what is "behind" the current solve.  I have yet to find anything  "real" or game changing items, as a guildie was joking last night that the amber fossil rare was not usable in combat. I don't care, for me the joy is in wondering whats next.  I sit here and have all the little plans, if I solve a troll item in Stranglethorn will I get the sword, do I need all the races to get my next epic. I get a rush when I near a solve in one of my desired races, and when the next one isn't the one I want well the next one certainly will.  I love reading the little blurbs about the items in the profession window. For me the useless items are the vehicles that move the story forward they do this by sometimes sad, sometimes funny little accounts.  I would be thrilled to get any of the "useful" items and if I don't there is always the next find. Well I've rambled way to much already and now must get back to the fragment fields happy hunting all.