Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes I heal in BGs and Arenas

 Hello my name is Graimerin and I'm addicted to, three things. One the quick nice flow to a arena match, the other the controlled chaos of a battleground, and a endless progression of Alts.  Arena's they most scorned portion of the game for the majority of the PvE players because of the changes made to balance PvP to PvE, I have had my tow stuck in the water back when Season 1 first launched. Hunter,Rogue,Holy Paladin we didn't dominate we didn't get rolled but the team never made it out of season 1. Later BC ran with a druid,hunter combo up to getting enough ranking for current seasons weapons. I have currently 3 active arena toons. Team size and comp is every changing as more people from my guild are drawn in.
  Battlegrounds or more specifically WSG way back in Vanilla introduced me to world or warcraft's pvp model. I did a lot of the dueling/mad cow levels in D2 and hung out a little in the battle.net ques back then.  So here I go into WSG around level 33 or so. The day that my love hate relationship started with rogues; or more to the point my fear that if I didn't kill them I was doomed.
        Dedicated healer of the light is waiting for the FC to emerge from the secret tunnel underneath the enemies fortress. Flag Carrier health stalwartly maintaining its level the big heal lights up just as he comes into range. He's mid cast this is the heal that will carry his team to a smashing route of the opposing team when, BAM!! swirly nonsense over his head and the cast bar disappeared, shortly there after to be replace with a release button.
  That was my introduction to WSG when there we're no terms like resilience, arena teams/points  just this slowly declining honor system that if you had the rank you could get the piece.  2 things grew out of that weekend, me getting hooked good with the idea of battlegrounds and altism.  The altism, easy that was the weekend that Carack appeared on my character sheet; maybe the real reason I've always called him brat boy.
  So know its 6 years later and I'm still PvPing my arse off. Have currently 2 dedicated healers for BG. A newly minted one time main Grai has hit 85, late last night. A crafted set off the AH and a very understanding guildmate last night managed to get my 5 wins, almost felt like stealing a week;but it will help arenas gear ramp up. My priest who I had intended to melt faces, has gone back to disc. damage mitigation anyone. Also currently in the rotation is my frost mage but that will be another day.
  So as my friend over @ TheBait Company said of me :
         lI place the blame solely on my guildmate and friend Graimerin. He’s a bit of PvP junkie, and another one of Parallel‘s habitual alt-oholics. He’s incurable.

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