Thursday, March 3, 2011

Annnnd in this Pasture.......

  They other night hanging out in Stormwind and in guild chat I got being randomly funny with my oldest son, Olli (character name).  Who was actually resting his leg, he needs to do this because today we found out he blew out his ACL* 2 weeks ago when he slipped on ice.  Anyways, back to the funny story.  I forgot why now but we where being silly with what names you could come up with based on my character sheet.  I thought that a Tauren Paladin named Ribramord would have been funny, heck still do.  He thought for a minute or two and did honestly come up with the undisputed winner though.  So now good citizens of the internets I present to you the terror of School lunches and currently the Mulgore region, in all his heirloom glory Graibeef and his faithful companion Gristle.   Right now a one shot machine at level 10 with all the heirloom toys.  The ones of mine that have funny stories or some that make me laugh generally will get played so I imagine he will level up some. Looking forward to doing battlegrounds and re-leveling a paladin amidst all the newness. Haven't tried one since vanilla that wasn't named Grai to level on a live server.  So watch out comming to a battle ground near you...Graibeef.

*PS - While sore he's doing okay. We go 9-March to schedule his operation. Yeah the joys of a 18 yr old not being able to hang out in early spring. 

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Ely said...

If I wasn't on another server I'd really like to see the little pally :P