Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pets,Arena,Streaks, Oh My!!

  Hello again folks, I'm back with the 100th edition of my version of internet flotsam and jetsam.  Today's meanderings will actually have somewhat of a focus.  The fine folks over @Stormwind Bait Co. awarded the darling little frost mage of doom himself Lil' KT to a fine wielder of the arcane arts who also specializes in frost Dodickley

  Now how I came to be the proud owner of such a fine companion as Lil K.T. was a silly little jab at my friend Barklay.  The contest was announced shortly after the still inexplicable druid changes  about being able to remove snares by shifting, so in the nature of our shared sense of humor I decide to tweek him a tad.  So what follows was what I came up with.

Hey You come over here for a second I have something I need to tell ya just can't be real loud about this.  I think I just discovered why all the druids are in this crazy uproar over abilities they have had for centuries going away.  Here let me show you this ragged bit of scroll that has that ancient night elf language on it.

  The first part of the scroll is hard to make out but it looks like some rambling about how he stole my girl and then locked me up for 10,000 years having better ideas.  Kinda gives the idea on who wrote this stuff if ya follow along with it huh.

  Now this next part this is where the answer lie I think.  Apparently if I'm reading this right he cast some kind of bizarre time warped massive spell steal on all druids.  Now this is ingenious I tell you oh my the style the out of nowhere massive hit why this, this is beauty.  Oh I'm sorry I got caught up in the pure beauty of that spell.

  Well let me explain what this wonderful spell does.  5 years after my death all druids will no longer be able to escape any snare. So they can't steal people loves. But because we are taking away that from them I'll let them make everyone run faster so its a fair race.  Ha Ha bird boy take that.

  Of course because I am the master of Arcane when this happens mages will dominant even more in Warsong Gulch because those girl stealing druids can be snared.

  They had thought they were prepared  HA HA HA..

  Now I just wanted to let you guys in on this, of course as a mage I firmly agree with everything Illidan did.


  The rest of the title refers to a achievement that Barklay and I received last night with a huge help from Wetfoot.  Bark,Wet and I had spent a very long and bad weekend in SoA grinding honor to fill in / upgrade a few pieces each and Bark and I were excitedly waiting for Tues for the arena reset. Our 2's team got stars aligned lucky and went 5-0. We were capped and liked the look of the week's stats so we stopped on those two for that team .  Last night we grabbed Wet when he logged in and planned on getting in our 3's, well whatever orbital alignment was still in our favor as we tore off another streak of 7 in a row. Getting Bark and I the hot streak achievement, but sadly leaving us 3 short of Wetfoot also having his.  He being the good friend and great all round person was happy for us and said "He would get his next time".

   Am having a tremendous amount of fun in the game again, with the same folks that I have raided and generally ran around in Azeroth with for awhile now.  Proving yet again to me that it is partially the great game Blizzard has made for us, but more importantly to me are the wonderful people who I play this game with.


Shrinn said...

Yay! Grats Guys!!! :-)

Night said...

Excellent! Wish I could be there.