Thursday, September 4, 2008

Interesting stuff for me thats in the news today

Couple things jumped out at me as I was going thru the wowinsider post today. Major changes to prot tree for Pally's hopefully unbloating and giving us a few new toys to play with. Macro's and UI's to be stored server side, and the leveling curve will be lessened post 3.0.2.

Without any hard data to go on I have a few assumptions and or wishes for the Prot Pally tree, ghostcrawler has said they are gonna remove unused(useless) talents and possabily rework some others for mitigation and fun. Going on the basis that death knights are to be the magic tank of choice I think/hope that spell warding will be gone and maybe we can get another more beneficial talent to AoE tanking. Will reckoning go away? Its a useful leveling talent but hardly used when raiding. Combining one-hand weapon special with combat expertise seems kinda natural. Boom 10 to 12 talent points saved and available for a new ones. Who knows but it is a hope.

The changes to macro's and ui's sounds good for those that play on multiple machines and have either custom ui's or cant live with out macro's. For me it will be nice because I can write shrinn's macro's on my machine and she will have them and or design a ui for her and be able to be on my machine where i know where i have stashed everything. The big official news for me is the lessing of the xp required to level thru outlands. I have 2 70's currently and Padrad is 20% of the way thru 68 currently and will be the next 70. Now I can hopefully have Carack and Fanabb a little closer to be wrath level ready all thanks to 3.0.2. Yes I'll be trying out new talents and spell rotations attack sequences etc. come 3.0.2 but thats gets old quick so being able to have all my toons at least half way thru to 70 pre wrath has me excited.

No breaking news and some might be destined to change but the closer wrath approaches it appears Blizz is taking some of the BC lessons to heart and also giving as many people a chance to get to the new content as possible. While cynically I could say that they want whatever they increase in subscriptions fee's for wrath are I hope the changes were made to help those of us that are altaholics out.

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