Friday, September 26, 2008

Numbers I like Numbers

Okay hoping with no basis for hope i went off to the ptr late last night early this am. What I found out made me happy. Ill maintain crit immunity and have loads yes loads more spell damage.

Ok here are the important stats.

STR: 142 STR: 302
AGI: 89 AGI: 89
STAM: 1075 STAM: 1036
INT: 135 INT: 135
DEF. RAT: 515 DEF. RAT.: 491
DODGE: 17.73% DODGE: 22.86%
PARRY: 16.60% PARRY: 15.24%
BLOCK: 27.45% BLOCK: 24.72%

Some gains some losses nothing earth shattering above the crit cap so happy tank. Now for the numbers that made me double check that I did take the free re-spec to Prot.


Kings Defender +93 Kings Defender +368
Crystalforge sword +254 Cyrstalforge sword +529
Shard of Virtouis +236 Shard of Virtious + 594

So I wanted a quickie test of some of the new talents/spell changes so went out to Nagrand. Must say love the BoSac changes with healing myself thrown in and judging wise/light depeneding on what I need more I solo'd Banthor and Durnn. Self healing and self mana regen had to sit after each attempt but overall i like the direction of the prot tree thats heading or way.

*Sorry for poor formating wont accept my tabs for some reason*

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Doodle said...

Hmmm... very interesting. I wonder what the philosophy is on the changes to spell damage. Can't wait! ^_^