Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pally's Please dont be trolls

Yesterday as i was reading wow insider I came across the shifting perspectives column and it was about doing Kara in a all druid raid. Now i have a real baby druid level 22 so I thought sweet what an accomplishment, but apparently i read the article wrong because all the comments were about how leet pally's are and how easy a pally raid could wipe out kara. I have one question for all the commenter's; here after called trolls, did you ever play a Pally pre bc. Hell pre 2.0 patch that changed pallies and made us capable tanks; or did u just ebay your toon because of a you tube video.

Graimerin my pally went 1-60 pre bc as prot, I tell ya all a secret it sucked out loud. AoE grinding sure find plate gear that had stam and int in decent quantities in the old world, not now that gear got re itemized around 2.2 but back then it was dam hard to find. We were wanted in groups if you were Holy then half your dam gear was cloth. We were cross dressing holy men (thank you illegal danish). Blessing of Kings was a ret talent we had 5 minute buffs for lesser and 15 minute buffs for greater. A prot specced pally was wanted in raids about as much as a narc at a biker rally. Pulls sure let me get close enough to judge someone oops pull whole group shit another wipe.

So we went to the forums and we whined and we cried and the finally Blizz gave us something, maybe they gave us to much. Most outland dungeons and almost all of the level 70 instances and first raids where designed to be AoE tanked and finally we were wanted. Warriors couldn't easily AoE tank the good ones could and still do but not the majority. Then the first outland raid many of us experience is Kara honestly a Pally playground on par with if not better than strathhome and we have the balls to tell a different class that we are leet because we can shine in a raid designed around undead.

Are dps'ers the ret crowd finally got some love in the beta but oops that got nerfed now also with judgement of wisdom not returning as much mana our holy brethren HoT got nerfed also so please trolls stfu. We finally got a niche can we continue to enjoy it without all this l2p and we leet your a scrub nonsense going on.

I love my Prot pally hell I love him as holy when i spec that way. I remember the bad old days and fear the giant blizz nerf bat . The squeaky wheel may get the grease as the old saying goes but the braggart gets the nerf bat. So why cant we all get along, feel happy for the druid raids that whoop kara, and share the joy knowing that other classes and players may share ours. SO share the love some hell we waited long enough for ours.

So in closing grats if any class and raid comp is successful because as one progress we all do.

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