Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Since we last caught up

Hello again everyone, anyone? Apparently the part of the brain that likes to write has been away for a bit, but fear not occasional reader the mouse is back on the wheel. Actually been kind of sensory over load around the old place; school functions have begun again and of course all the things that go with that homework(John's not mine), dinner and just trying to sneak in everything. Add into that a healthy douse of Brewfest and an ol' pally forgets hes supposed to be writing.

Summary of games news, have been made a class leader for Sidhe Devils goodness watch out people may try and take me serious now, but that started the old mouse wheel going full speed. As I jokingly say that had I known now what I didn't know then i would have done many things different with Grai. For starters I was prot pre-bc; (pause for laugh track), figured if i lived longer that sounded good. Had no idea about leveling guides,gear lists, any of the stuff alot if not all of us use today. So i played him my way and made tons of mistakes along the way but wouldn't honestly change it a bit. I learned what worked( no corpse run), and what didn't(corpse run) had a spell cycle down before i knew thats what i was supposed to do.

What has this to do with anything well earlier today Ishvi was gonna do a protection pally leveling guide, my response was why waste the effort. In 2 to 3 weeks when we get the pre-patch for wrath of the litch king everything will be moot. I'm not to concerned I'll adapt might grumble for awhile but in 10 levels ill most likely complain about the conditions pre-wrath. Why? You might ask its because I'm can be fickle with talents,spells etc.. the game changes and some are great some stink. But i will also go back to Grai as the main he was 70 before anyone else and unless he gets ran over by roaming motorcyclist in wrath he'll be 80 first.

As some of you know I had a chance to play the first couple beta builds. I have had all 3 dk specs to outlands,blood is definitely the speed program, unholy made me feel warlockish, and frost oh goodie duel wielding tank nah for me at least. Also at this time seal where broke in the beta so playing as a pally was tough,but again played around with the "new" at the time talent builds. Discovered I could play Ret (Ok yes I have hated on Ret but even this old dog can learn a new trick), kinda nice to kill one mob fast when your used to killing 6 slow. Holy I can have heals that work on more than one person woot. The finally prot yes the one I'll be because I do like to tank. But in the short time i spent on the beta there where 2 builds at least so the every changing flux+lag+ a big dose of need to level alts i stopped playing it.

So yes Paladin got some love for all 3 trees this time, so old stand-byes will not be used as much; not running with BoK always up will be odd. Not running with BoSac always up is silly. So i have lots of excitement looking forward to wrath. Having 3 at 70 and possibly a 4th will give me distraction and tons of fun as Grai blazes the trail they will follow, Ill have better notes this time about what and where so leveling the alts will be faster. Padrad and Carack may be bound for PvP at 80 while Fal and Grai are mashing/getting smashed in Naxx.

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ASH said...

I remember when I leveled my pally. Prot from 1-63, then switched to Ret just to see the other side.

I know, I know "You won't know 'til you've tried it" is a really lame excuse.

Prot, though, was simply amazing. I think I had 6 corpse runs through Azeroth, not counting instances. Leveled fast, too.