Thursday, December 11, 2008

WoW Decency

Just before I go to bed some nights i take a quick tour of the Basin. Not true dedicated farming runs, more of a look see as to how many people are mining. Well last I needed a single saronite bar to craft a healy mace for a friend so off I went. I was just coming through the wolf people zone and noticed a titanium node on my mini map. Now to set this up properly my miner/blacksmith is Falromord level 73 maxed mining and 443 blacksmithing; but as a level 73 can't yet fly in Northrend. So i zoom over to the node on my ram and appear to arrive at the same time as this Draenei level 80 on their epic flyer. I thought they arrived first so I back away from the node and am getting ready to leave when they make a statement in /say chat that I can take the node. As anyone can tell you mining in the basin is generally a grief fest so this was a shocking development on its own. I go up and strike the node and then gather my ore and a few crystallized items, step away from the node and in the process of telling the decent person that they can now have a shot at getting some ore also. I didn't even finish getting the sentenced typed when someone swoops in and ninja's the node. So in a whisper I explain to this person that I'm sorry they lost at least a chance for the ore that they so graciously allowed me to get. their reply was to thank me for being a awesome person because I wanted to share.

So Zarixia I would like to take this opportunity and forum to thank you again for being a decent kind person. I'm a fan of a news show called Countdown with Keith Olderman and he has a bit called best persons. So I would like to nominate Zarixia for today's best WoW person of the day. You sir or madam showed me that while our game gets more attention for the asshats and winy brats random decency is not lost. Your action to a stranger and your kindness even after losing out on any of it was to thank me for trying to be decent. I may never encounter you again but I wanted to let everyone I can know of your actions.

Thank you for reaffirming my belief in kindness a random act to someone you know nothing of made my day. So to you Zarixia I hope you have a wonderful time in this game we play and I will try to show the decency to someone the way you did to me.

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Eustashius said...

/stands and applauds
That is a good post, Grai!
I'm a big fan of pay-it-forward and I know you'll do just that.