Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A wonderful pug

Hello again everyone. To continue the pug theme had one today that proves the exception to the rule. When I logged in Ishvi shot me a whisper wondering if I wanted to do heroic UK as it was the daily. Still slowly gathering badges towards my necklace I said sure. So we have tank and heals just need the easy stuff dps should be a easy one, well it took us about 20 minutes to gather the 3 needed slots but thew wait was well worth it. We had 2 titans grip warriors and a boomkin so we run in buff up and away we go.

So we a pushing threw at a decent pace not stressing the healer and mobs are dieing in order and placement. No real issues no deaths and the only hiccup was when my stepsons grandparents arriving mid instance. We were not on a voice channel but any needed communication happened, where I was gonna position when I was gonna engage bosses etc. . So we complete the run in about 45 to 50 minutes everyone is happy no loot but definitely emblems and shards for all.

Now I believe I have some skill at tanking but am not the best or the worst, after we had completed the instance I thank everyone for coming and complement the dps and heals; without whom no tank ever has success.

Then a nice thing happened that to me is a rarity. The warriors and the boomkin druid gear far out surpasses anything I have. They all had some gear from the 25 man versions of the current raid content, and they complemented me. Saying that I held aggro as well if not better than most. I was humbled because I was as, I normally am somewhat nervous that I would cause huge repair bills and not have a good run.

So I had a very good pug and hope that in the future I may group with some if not all of the players again. I'm sure that having success in this pug I owe the karma controlling rng a offering but I will happily pay my due.

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