Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big changes pre xpac

Late last night I was looking around on WI and found out that we are gonna have a pre release patch for some of the content in wrath. Stuff that will effect my characters the most are gonna be the release of the new talents , spells , etc. . So it kinda got me wondering what will happen to my erstwhile main Graimerin; protection paladin who's kinda semi retired because I'm having a bout of altism and enjoying pure dps with my hunter. I haven't been able to access him today ( boo maintenance ) but a quick look at the armory shows a couple interesting things.

First I am excited about how the talent Touched by the light (10% of total stamina to spell power) is gonna work. I mean the interesting thing other than a huge jump in threat potential I like the total word being there. Some basic numbers on Grai from the armory current unbuffed stamina is 1075; now assuming standard raid buffs +30 stamina spicy crawdad, +70 stamina fortitude, +15 stamina gift of the wild bring us up to 1190. Now i always run with kings so that adds another 10% to stats which brings me up to 1309 total stamina.

Now assuming my math is correct that means a spell power increase of 131 if blizz rounds up the number. My current spell damage is 254 from what i have been able to glean about the beta is spell dmg translates at a 1:1 ratio so I might/will/hopefully will have a raid spell power of 385 before any wizard oils or flask. As I normally run with the +40 spell damage wizard oil and flask of blinding light ( +80 holy spell damage) I can again if I added right be sitting at +505 spell power. I'm not passed kara/gruul's/za content by choice so i haven't had an issue with losing aggro in awhile so seeing a gain of 131 spell power makes me wonder how much faster my dpsers are gonna be able to start.

Using Nightbane as the fight where threat is an issues flight phase is it possible that i can build a big enough lead that his breath attack that always seems to target a healer will be mine instead. Are some of the awesome dpsers gonna be able to attack 1 or 2 seconds faster. I like about a 7 to 8k threat cushion so i dont wipe the raid on a bad fear. Assuming 2 secs sooner entry for dps that's one extra steady shot for hunters, one extra combustion+fireball for mages etc for everyone else. Doesn't seem like awhole lot but if i can get there sooner 8k threat he dies sooner meaning I hope that every ones mana,energy,rage last and be used to apply max dps.

I'm not a theorycrafter I love to play with my toons numbers but will not claim to be fully informed etc about other classes but again I have hope that because of these changes that the supposed changes to down ranking are moot. So if we can kill a boss 5% faster (arbitrary number) will mana last 5% longer Im not sure.

So yeah I excited about this patch because I'll have a chance to balance my play style rotation of spells etc before i hit northrend. Maybe Ill be the ubber noob again on Grai and he can be fun to re learn. I know the blue said in the coming weeks so Ill have to wait like everyone else just. I'm just glad the we get a pre xpac bone from blizz and chance to play with our new toys. I rather try out new spells in a known area on fights i understand than be a tester because i know the boss fights and I will have a base of comparison to actually have it make sense.

So I'm sure ill be writing soon about great wonderful feats of bosses dieing or complaining that they broke they way my toons functions no matter what coming soon to a blog near you we will have are new stuff to go on about.

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