Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sorry about missing Kara....Kinda of

Last evening I was supposed to run Kara with Grai's guild Blood for Blood. Also yesterday my oldest son was gonna arrive for a week at dad's. The original plan was for him to arrive around 4:30 pm we could hang out for a short bit eat dinner and the other stuff required to get settled. Then I would go to the raid. Well things didn't happen that way. He called to let me know they would be running late and didn't expect to arrive till around 8pm est time (7pm server) right when the raid was set to begin. So i got in touch with the raid leader to let him know and he understood. I felt a little bad but I don't often get time with my sons alone I have 4 and normally they all come down at once. During the summer tho each come down for a week alone at dads house. So he arrives we get him settled in and are chatting away about the x-games, wow and a game he's just started playing called "Morrowind". He explained its an older game 2004 he seems to prefer his rpg one of two ways rts games he's beat all the warcraft games or none mmo rpgs. So Dad takes a few minutes to show off the characters and of course this wonderful movie 3B made of ZA.;11263341;/fileinfo.html. We continue chatting away as espn cycled thru there programming, when i finally happened to look at the clock it was after 1 am eastern. We had just spent a large portion of the evening just gabbing away about everything and nothing at all. So why i did feel a little bit bad about missing a run i said i would attend, nothing will ever be a fun or special to me as being able to gab with my 15 year old son for hours and have fun doing it.

Its rambley i know but i wanted to share a fun and special evening of a different kind.


Shrinn said...

YaY! Good thing I was at work then, eh?

joe said...

Woot! Hanging out with kids is waaay better than Kara.