Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hunter love and Pet emotes

Lately have been playing Padrad alot and now I have even more reason to play him, and scamper around with my kitty Siam. He's Shy-Rotams mate from winterspring and for me one of the two best kitty skins in the game; I had Humar but stupidly sent him away when i went owls for awhile. The new reason is simply that I found out about a new to me addon called Pet Emote, yes I'm late to the party on it but gives life and personality to my pet.
While I don't play on a RP server I seem to structure my play along the old role playing game style( i.e. Dungeons & Dragons) where Padrad is more than just a jumble of pixels to me he is a very special dwarf, possabile overly influenced by the gnomes who came to Ironforge after the disaster in Gnomeregan and the stories of the explorers league, he went searching for adventure and crazy new plans to build with his engineering training.
So with that kinda of being the "backstory" finding Pet Emote made it come full circle. The first time siam nuzzled up to my leg i was hooked. Know my kitty could always roar and stretch if i was quick i would see the animations but know he has his own way of communicating with me. Running around nagrand and having Siam do his own emotes just cant be beat. I haven't played very much with it but have a few that I plan on adding soonish depending on fast he gets to doing certain things. Warning to all the Sidhe Devils if Pad ever makes it into Kara expect Siam to see dead people, ok its lame but ill get a giggle out of it, and I probably make one about tasty Blood Elves for when i make it out to netherstorm.
They way i see hunters or at least try to play mine is that my companion is wholly part of me. Blame it on the Fact that the first movie I ever saw was Grizzy Adams my grandad took me when i was a wee lad back in the 70's. I never have had a bear named Ben and probably never will but the idea kinda stayed. So I will set it up so that when someone pats Siam he'll purr and maybe stretch, I'm keeping the nuzzles for my self.
So in closing I just wanna add to any hunter who thinks of the pet more than something to feed and occasionally sacrifice to get away from the mob that will get you I heartily recommend Pet Emote to add a little life to our companions who after all have to do most of the dirty work.

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Nasirah said...

I feel the same way, Grai. Even though my hunter is "just" a farmer alt, I've always loved my pet ravager, "Spiney." I've upgraded twice to different skins (once from the reddish ones you can get right at lvl 10, to the green ones up in Bloodmyst Isle, and then again to a different one when I finally made it to Outland), but to me he has always been Spiney, whatever he looked like on the outside he is still my one and only companion. (Okay, that's not true, I also tamed a scorpid so I'd have more of a tanking pet, but that was purely out of necessity.)