Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Busy weekend

This weekend has been very very busy for one member of the gang. Padrad my hunter has been leveling alot lately needed a change from being the tank. Having tons of fun and getting to do somethings i havent before. Saturday as triple B has said we got the final onyxia attunement done and beet up that silly dragon, yeah I got her 18 slot bag. That was Saturday afternoon and evening then Sunday when I logged in to do some farming got lucky and was able to pick up a pug group for under bog happy happy 3 quest done and got the underspore frond free food and mana woot.
Then Sunday evening when i was on cleaning up some quest in nagrand shrinn on her druid elysse built a group for a blood furnace run and i got the legionaire blunderbuss woot new gun for my dwarf. So i ended the weekend about 20% short of 65 moving along nicely hopefully will get 70 soonish be nice to have a toon that can actually kill stuff fast maybe then ill finally do dailies. Well back to the hunter and to the leveling grind

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