Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why I have been hoping and not on last couple days.

As some of you may know my oldest son is down visiting this week. After his arrival Friday and hearing all about how customizable "Morrowind" is I had to play around with the only thing I didn't like about wow the interface. So after some experimentations with other ui's that people had created and not finding one i liked i took the plunge. Tried to use "PitBull" but the addon went in to code more than i wanted to. So played around with some others and came up with this set up. It has some turn on / turn off features so all the gang stay's happy and is alot more screen space for me. If u compare the old ui , Grai using the default ui + addons against nightbane. The new one and i hope cleaner version . I enclose a list of the addons used to compile my ui.

Align -adds a grid to your screen for set up and spacing
Bartender 3 a very easy to use bar mod with alot of adaptability
Xperl - a unit frame addon
CT Core and buff mod
Simple Minimap

Those built the ui also i use pally power,omen recount,healbot,atlas loot enhanced and titan bars.

I sure ill be addindg addons as i go but I'm just glad i found my screen again and while frustrating it was alos alot of fun.

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