Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost have everyone where i want them

Hello all I been bad about posting again, always, continously. But I have been busy leveling everyone in preperation of the big day (11/13). The last couple days have been spent on my most ignored character of the ones that play, Fanabb. He reached 58 today after a quick, well kinda quick romp threw the silithius desert. Went out to Silithius at the begging of 57 approximentaley 3% into it and after completing 5 quest voila 58. How is this possabile you may ask well the five quest I did where the securing the supply lines both groups of 20; along with the ones where the goblin is posined and you need to get 8 items x2 from the northen scorpids and spiders plus the southern one where you are required to get 3 items x3 from two different scorpid's and the spiders. Finishing with the follow up quest again for the goblin where he needs his satchel fetched back from where he lost it near the elite level 59 scorpid. That was it about 4 hrs of running back and forth I did kill some non needed mobs one rare spawn nothing overly great dropped but its one of the few if not the only time i have ever been happy about blizz's horrid drop rate on some of the gathering quest.

But i did have a chuckle every once in awhile as Basutia's voice from illegal danish kept looping threw my head.

So yeah 5 toons in outlands now 3 70's a 66 and a brand new minted 58. The perfect scenario would be for everyone to be at or near 68 pre wrath but ill have to see if i can push hard enough on the last 2.

So if anyone was wondering thats what going on currently with the gang.

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