Thursday, October 16, 2008

For this Gang Update we go to Dwarven reporter Padrad...

Hello all!!!! The obsessive leveler has taken a few moments for us to chat how nice. First we will go over a re cap of pre patch news so we all know where the gang was at mainly spec wise pre-patch. In my last post I spoke of how I had gotten Fanabb, officially thru the Dark Portal and he was 58; well he now is 6o and having immense fun killing bog lords in Zanger. He still shadow and most likely stay that way didn't take Dispersion as I see it as a great PvP skill but not much for me at current content.
Ahh the rogue my sneak attack machine is now 70 still very much deep subtlety(0/10/51)*, flame, laugh and/or tell me how other specs outperform him and I'll likely agree. The only thing i over by way of explanation is that i find this to be a fun spec for me to play and don't ever want to think of playing without shadow step. Their is no desire to raid with brat boy as i call him his end game joy will be arenas and or bg's.
Now onto the ones that are raiding. Graimerin, Falromord, Padrad Ill take a little about what I like about the patch and how 3.0.2 changes everything and made the game fun again instead of a math problem.
Fal has gone back to what weaponry he used on his way to outlands two-handed axes and two-handed maces. Now he just uses both at once, having to choose between the two apparently was to much thinking for him. So he just grabbed both and now refuses to put them down, sure that whatever the great a powerful blizz gave it will take away.Even suffering under the -15% to hit penalty currently on live its not a huge problem. Not having 30% or greater crit is annoying me because BT crits open up insta slams but one needs a goal.
Paddy me boy is still unsure as how he wishes to spec. Currently using a 51/10/0 BM spec for the exotic goodness, but is longing for his old old spec of survival. He may be taking a journey out to silithius to speak with Brann Bronzebeard his hero, about spec and pets. Seeing how much Brann loves Glibb, Paddy may go back survial with a pet gorilla.
Now onto Grai. He didn't get respecced in the frenzy that was late eastern time Tuesday night, Wednesday morning; because I wasn't sure what I wanted him to be. So I log in last night on one of the gang and see a post in G chat that a healer or a dps was needed for Heroic MgT. I offered to spec Grai holy and see what would happen. I went deep into the holy tree because i wanted to try this new talented goodness out Bacon of Light (ty GC). Had a good guess as to grp make up Mr. and Mrs. Big Bear , Doozie the warlock dot machine and Elyistia a killer mage. The linked write ups are better than anything i could do. Just let me add a least one of the wipes was do to not having a routine/rhythm down for my new healing spec. Love bacon put it on Cassie and when ever i healed the big guy she got heals if she needed them works like a charm. 2nd'ly the in game focus feature is pure win. 90% of my addons aren't re-loaded so no unit frame adds having a built in on that gives it own unit frame very nice. 1000+ bonus healing was what the character sheet showed which seemed higher than what it used to be apparently it isn't 2:1 ratio I had heard it was.

So a long rambly disjointed wall of text, I will try to do better next time must make sure jointed next time. Overall I think 3.0.2 will be as game changing as 2.0... don't remember the pre BC #. But i must go now and lose myself in wondering whos turn it is in the gang to go first today. To Azeroth and all the fun it holds these waining days of BC.


Shrinn said...

Yay for patch 3.0.2! & super yay & big grats for herioc MGT....

It's Shrinn's turn ;p

Doodle said...

I know it's just a typo... but "Bacon of Light" is very amusing for some reason. ^_^