Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carack goes to Kara, and what I learned about me

Hello all ! Some news to share about the gang or at least brat boy in particular. He's by far my least geared 70 but he was able to get a Kara run done last night; woot for the 3.0 nerf , that allowed me to be carried threw the raid as a sub rogue. One of, if not the most pleasant part of the raid was that as we assembled the group last night we were short a ranged dps slot. Shrinn said she had a mage friend that was willing to come, but we had already started on the trash before attunemen, so we waited until he was down before the person joined us. Now to the pleasant part it was a old guildie/friend whom I had not grouped with since my departure from Essence of Grandeur. A very good frost mage with whom I had ran countless heroics and Kara runs with. I shall not name her out of respect for her privacy but I do want to say thank you again, while I wasn't tanking this time it brought back many found memories of those frostbolts flying in to help Grai muddle threw all the noob mistakes one makes on the learning curve that this game throw at us.

So as an old man is allowed to do it got me to reminiscing some last night about decision made both good and bad that have brought me to where I am today game wise. It also brought back parts of my personality that are less than flattering, and made me look at how I approach this obsession/ game that I play.

The good is memories of how in EoG when we were a pre-kara guild we banded together to tackle heroics and the bonds that developed in those countless heroics. The blog title here could have been as easily applied to the "core" heroic group of which my friend the mage was one. We had our pet instances that we could and did destroy 3 to 4 times a week. Our group normally consisted of myself on Grai, a shammy healer, 2 warlocks, and a frost mage. We knew what everyone was gonna do and where everyone was gonna be and it was freeing never having to wonder if this happens what is person "x" gonna do.

During this time EoG was growing, and for reason I still will never understand I was guild leader. I had hopes of leading us into Kara and beyond Gruul's, Mag's and that new one Zul'aman. While we did finally take out Prince while I was still in EoG I left shortly thereafter.
The reasons for my leaving were based on those bad personality traits I spoke of earlier.

I'm moody,cranky and can be a major ass at times. I get what I describe as restless irritable and discontent, none of these being good things singularly when they combine it can become toxic especially if I allow the bile to spew forth. I basically comes down to me acting like a petulant 3 year old who cant be king of the sandbox.

So if any of my old guildies from EoG manage to find their way over here to read these words I would like to say to all of you that some of my best memories from this game came with you wonderful ladies and gentlemen. As I always said when we were doing dungeons,raids, etc. you made me better than I am. I truly mean that in more than just an in game e-peen stroke threw your kindness and friendship you helped me be a better person. To all of my current guildies you continue to help me grow as a person by your kindness and time shared.

Maybe I finally figured out why Carack is called bratboy, the sulky sometimes mean spirited part of me can reside in him. I hope I wasn't to much of an asshat last night.


zaanah said...

Hey Grai! I always enjoy reading yours and Shrinns blogs. And it was personal for me to read it now. Thanks for the nice things you said about me and EoG. We miss you guys, :). If you need me to help out in the future just ask and I hope I can. Take care.

Anonymous said...

"I'm moody, cranky and can be a major ass at times."

Join the club. ^_^