Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Happy Dwarves

Hello good and gentle people. Today we recount the success of the gang on a more individual level. I will happily show my prejudice towards my favorite wow race; and shamelessly link to the new toys, which brought happiness and joy to the the gang's lair.

First off as I linked yesterday Padrad was able to get his season three axe, Vengeful Gladiator Waraxe. Elysse and I managed to lose most but win some of our 2v2 matches and presto. She also was able to acquire a insane pair of gloves for some season 3 druid love . So i knew that he was getting a new axe something exciting for me when I set a goal like this one then being able to see it to completion.

Secondly and maybe the biggest surprise was that Falromord was able to get some crafting in. I/he have been slowly acquiring primal nethers in a hope to upgrade out of his old 2 handed mace. Wasn't planning on Fal getting to much of a run yesterday but plans changed and I had a couple free hours. So off i plod to the Ironforge auction house hoping to maybe pick up a nether or two, and found i had enough gold to pick up the remaining four i needed. Now this alone would have made Fall'y a happy dwarf. While not my neediest/greediest character; see Grai, he does get feeling left out on occasion. So in a flash of buying frenzy I start counting how many badge of justice's I have in the gang. Pooling every ones i was able the magic number of 75, which allowed me to purchase five of these splendiforious things nerther vortex .

So having everything I needed I made a stop at the mailbox then hopped on the ran and rushed to the great anvil. After almost 50 gold to learn the recipe and what seemed an eternity listening to the sound of hammer ringing on anvil Fall'y was the proud crafter/owner of this beat stick Stormherald.

So now my dwarves are happy and excited to assault Northrend. Falromord will be able to have all his meat grinder glory and Padrad will be cutting a swath thru the tundra with his trusty companion's Siam and/or PrimalGrai. Each equipped with the best weapons I could provide for them

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ASH said...

To battle! Gogo Grai-Gang Weapons!

*humms the theme to Inspector Gadget*