Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I'm chasing Pre X-pac

Hello all I figured I needed to post today for 2 reasons, one give me brain something to do during maintenance today; and Ishvi posted a new piece. Well more the first than the second just like to give Ish the business.

So Grai has finally decide the push the rest of the way for his netherdrake. Why know easy the deadline of 11/13/08 changed my oh ill get to it attitude most likely depending on how many dailies I knock off he should have it by weeks end.

Padrad my version of the wandering dwarf gets his pre-patch special today new shiny axe, Elysee and I have been helping many teams raise their rating so I can get that bad boy. Thanks dear it was a grind.

Falromord is getting more playtime than he has in a long time, absolutely love titan's grip even with the higher to hit penalty. Plus during last week loot extravaganza umm I mean kara run he got incredibly luck getting Gorehowl, so now i trying to get a couple crafting upgrades done for him.

Carack and Fanabb have gone back out of the current play cycle until Grai can have his drake and a little more money built up for x-pac. Would like Carack to get the dagger from the sso dailies if possible but we are working on a deadline.

Tonight we stumble into ZA in hopes of phat loots and funny stories so I may even post 2 days in a row.

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