Saturday, January 3, 2009

Full Sidhe Devils Heroic

Well today Sidhe Devils did our first WotLK heroic as a full guild run. The line up was Para holy Pally, Cassie on her rogue, Windshadow kitty dps, Suvon hunter and little ol' Grai prot pally. We formed up and gave heroic AN the old college try but couldn't seem to figure out a way to handle the waves from the first boss. So we decided that heroic UK would have to take the beating so we could be avenged.

So we all get out to the instance get buffs set and off we went. I had done heroic UK before so I explained how I like to potion the mobs and which ones we could skip seeing how it wasn't going to be a full clear rep run.

Para was concerned that he wasn't geared properly but we did fine once the silly pally out front didn't try pulling full hallways at once. One of the coolest moments in the run was after the first boss when 4 in the group got the achievement for their Emblem of heroism. The wand dropped which couldn't be used by anyone so it went to vendor trash. That was the only drop that wasn't useful to someone.

The next 2 bosses where much more generous to us with Suvon getting the dagger which will help him maintain his awesome dps when the savage cobalt slicer Nerf hits and Wind and Suvon both getting awesome drops from the final boss. Wind got the druid staff that is very very good and Suvon got the epic crossbow.

So we all managed to get at least 3 badges each and have a great time together. The emblem gathering for the devils is in full swing now and I couldn't be happier. Seemed a great way to start into the new year.

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