Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carack goes to Kara, and what I learned about me

Hello all ! Some news to share about the gang or at least brat boy in particular. He's by far my least geared 70 but he was able to get a Kara run done last night; woot for the 3.0 nerf , that allowed me to be carried threw the raid as a sub rogue. One of, if not the most pleasant part of the raid was that as we assembled the group last night we were short a ranged dps slot. Shrinn said she had a mage friend that was willing to come, but we had already started on the trash before attunemen, so we waited until he was down before the person joined us. Now to the pleasant part it was a old guildie/friend whom I had not grouped with since my departure from Essence of Grandeur. A very good frost mage with whom I had ran countless heroics and Kara runs with. I shall not name her out of respect for her privacy but I do want to say thank you again, while I wasn't tanking this time it brought back many found memories of those frostbolts flying in to help Grai muddle threw all the noob mistakes one makes on the learning curve that this game throw at us.

So as an old man is allowed to do it got me to reminiscing some last night about decision made both good and bad that have brought me to where I am today game wise. It also brought back parts of my personality that are less than flattering, and made me look at how I approach this obsession/ game that I play.

The good is memories of how in EoG when we were a pre-kara guild we banded together to tackle heroics and the bonds that developed in those countless heroics. The blog title here could have been as easily applied to the "core" heroic group of which my friend the mage was one. We had our pet instances that we could and did destroy 3 to 4 times a week. Our group normally consisted of myself on Grai, a shammy healer, 2 warlocks, and a frost mage. We knew what everyone was gonna do and where everyone was gonna be and it was freeing never having to wonder if this happens what is person "x" gonna do.

During this time EoG was growing, and for reason I still will never understand I was guild leader. I had hopes of leading us into Kara and beyond Gruul's, Mag's and that new one Zul'aman. While we did finally take out Prince while I was still in EoG I left shortly thereafter.
The reasons for my leaving were based on those bad personality traits I spoke of earlier.

I'm moody,cranky and can be a major ass at times. I get what I describe as restless irritable and discontent, none of these being good things singularly when they combine it can become toxic especially if I allow the bile to spew forth. I basically comes down to me acting like a petulant 3 year old who cant be king of the sandbox.

So if any of my old guildies from EoG manage to find their way over here to read these words I would like to say to all of you that some of my best memories from this game came with you wonderful ladies and gentlemen. As I always said when we were doing dungeons,raids, etc. you made me better than I am. I truly mean that in more than just an in game e-peen stroke threw your kindness and friendship you helped me be a better person. To all of my current guildies you continue to help me grow as a person by your kindness and time shared.

Maybe I finally figured out why Carack is called bratboy, the sulky sometimes mean spirited part of me can reside in him. I hope I wasn't to much of an asshat last night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet the Gang

Having spoke of the gang many times and I believe refereed to all of them by name at least once, I have decided to show off what they look like. Seeing as how the others got annoyed that grumpy got his picture posted long ago. So here's the gang in whatever glory they have.

The sometimes Prot sometimes not leader of this band of Crazies.

The meat grinder extraordinaire my favorite Titan's Grip Warrior

The wondering Dwarf and his faithful companion.

He's always been know as Bratboy can't remember why now

Named after my favorite Jesuit

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Happy Dwarves

Hello good and gentle people. Today we recount the success of the gang on a more individual level. I will happily show my prejudice towards my favorite wow race; and shamelessly link to the new toys, which brought happiness and joy to the the gang's lair.

First off as I linked yesterday Padrad was able to get his season three axe, Vengeful Gladiator Waraxe. Elysse and I managed to lose most but win some of our 2v2 matches and presto. She also was able to acquire a insane pair of gloves for some season 3 druid love . So i knew that he was getting a new axe something exciting for me when I set a goal like this one then being able to see it to completion.

Secondly and maybe the biggest surprise was that Falromord was able to get some crafting in. I/he have been slowly acquiring primal nethers in a hope to upgrade out of his old 2 handed mace. Wasn't planning on Fal getting to much of a run yesterday but plans changed and I had a couple free hours. So off i plod to the Ironforge auction house hoping to maybe pick up a nether or two, and found i had enough gold to pick up the remaining four i needed. Now this alone would have made Fall'y a happy dwarf. While not my neediest/greediest character; see Grai, he does get feeling left out on occasion. So in a flash of buying frenzy I start counting how many badge of justice's I have in the gang. Pooling every ones i was able the magic number of 75, which allowed me to purchase five of these splendiforious things nerther vortex .

So having everything I needed I made a stop at the mailbox then hopped on the ran and rushed to the great anvil. After almost 50 gold to learn the recipe and what seemed an eternity listening to the sound of hammer ringing on anvil Fall'y was the proud crafter/owner of this beat stick Stormherald.

So now my dwarves are happy and excited to assault Northrend. Falromord will be able to have all his meat grinder glory and Padrad will be cutting a swath thru the tundra with his trusty companion's Siam and/or PrimalGrai. Each equipped with the best weapons I could provide for them

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things I'm chasing Pre X-pac

Hello all I figured I needed to post today for 2 reasons, one give me brain something to do during maintenance today; and Ishvi posted a new piece. Well more the first than the second just like to give Ish the business.

So Grai has finally decide the push the rest of the way for his netherdrake. Why know easy the deadline of 11/13/08 changed my oh ill get to it attitude most likely depending on how many dailies I knock off he should have it by weeks end.

Padrad my version of the wandering dwarf gets his pre-patch special today new shiny axe, Elysee and I have been helping many teams raise their rating so I can get that bad boy. Thanks dear it was a grind.

Falromord is getting more playtime than he has in a long time, absolutely love titan's grip even with the higher to hit penalty. Plus during last week loot extravaganza umm I mean kara run he got incredibly luck getting Gorehowl, so now i trying to get a couple crafting upgrades done for him.

Carack and Fanabb have gone back out of the current play cycle until Grai can have his drake and a little more money built up for x-pac. Would like Carack to get the dagger from the sso dailies if possible but we are working on a deadline.

Tonight we stumble into ZA in hopes of phat loots and funny stories so I may even post 2 days in a row.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

For this Gang Update we go to Dwarven reporter Padrad...

Hello all!!!! The obsessive leveler has taken a few moments for us to chat how nice. First we will go over a re cap of pre patch news so we all know where the gang was at mainly spec wise pre-patch. In my last post I spoke of how I had gotten Fanabb, officially thru the Dark Portal and he was 58; well he now is 6o and having immense fun killing bog lords in Zanger. He still shadow and most likely stay that way didn't take Dispersion as I see it as a great PvP skill but not much for me at current content.
Ahh the rogue my sneak attack machine is now 70 still very much deep subtlety(0/10/51)*, flame, laugh and/or tell me how other specs outperform him and I'll likely agree. The only thing i over by way of explanation is that i find this to be a fun spec for me to play and don't ever want to think of playing without shadow step. Their is no desire to raid with brat boy as i call him his end game joy will be arenas and or bg's.
Now onto the ones that are raiding. Graimerin, Falromord, Padrad Ill take a little about what I like about the patch and how 3.0.2 changes everything and made the game fun again instead of a math problem.
Fal has gone back to what weaponry he used on his way to outlands two-handed axes and two-handed maces. Now he just uses both at once, having to choose between the two apparently was to much thinking for him. So he just grabbed both and now refuses to put them down, sure that whatever the great a powerful blizz gave it will take away.Even suffering under the -15% to hit penalty currently on live its not a huge problem. Not having 30% or greater crit is annoying me because BT crits open up insta slams but one needs a goal.
Paddy me boy is still unsure as how he wishes to spec. Currently using a 51/10/0 BM spec for the exotic goodness, but is longing for his old old spec of survival. He may be taking a journey out to silithius to speak with Brann Bronzebeard his hero, about spec and pets. Seeing how much Brann loves Glibb, Paddy may go back survial with a pet gorilla.
Now onto Grai. He didn't get respecced in the frenzy that was late eastern time Tuesday night, Wednesday morning; because I wasn't sure what I wanted him to be. So I log in last night on one of the gang and see a post in G chat that a healer or a dps was needed for Heroic MgT. I offered to spec Grai holy and see what would happen. I went deep into the holy tree because i wanted to try this new talented goodness out Bacon of Light (ty GC). Had a good guess as to grp make up Mr. and Mrs. Big Bear , Doozie the warlock dot machine and Elyistia a killer mage. The linked write ups are better than anything i could do. Just let me add a least one of the wipes was do to not having a routine/rhythm down for my new healing spec. Love bacon put it on Cassie and when ever i healed the big guy she got heals if she needed them works like a charm. 2nd'ly the in game focus feature is pure win. 90% of my addons aren't re-loaded so no unit frame adds having a built in on that gives it own unit frame very nice. 1000+ bonus healing was what the character sheet showed which seemed higher than what it used to be apparently it isn't 2:1 ratio I had heard it was.

So a long rambly disjointed wall of text, I will try to do better next time must make sure jointed next time. Overall I think 3.0.2 will be as game changing as 2.0... don't remember the pre BC #. But i must go now and lose myself in wondering whos turn it is in the gang to go first today. To Azeroth and all the fun it holds these waining days of BC.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost have everyone where i want them

Hello all I been bad about posting again, always, continously. But I have been busy leveling everyone in preperation of the big day (11/13). The last couple days have been spent on my most ignored character of the ones that play, Fanabb. He reached 58 today after a quick, well kinda quick romp threw the silithius desert. Went out to Silithius at the begging of 57 approximentaley 3% into it and after completing 5 quest voila 58. How is this possabile you may ask well the five quest I did where the securing the supply lines both groups of 20; along with the ones where the goblin is posined and you need to get 8 items x2 from the northen scorpids and spiders plus the southern one where you are required to get 3 items x3 from two different scorpid's and the spiders. Finishing with the follow up quest again for the goblin where he needs his satchel fetched back from where he lost it near the elite level 59 scorpid. That was it about 4 hrs of running back and forth I did kill some non needed mobs one rare spawn nothing overly great dropped but its one of the few if not the only time i have ever been happy about blizz's horrid drop rate on some of the gathering quest.

But i did have a chuckle every once in awhile as Basutia's voice from illegal danish kept looping threw my head.

So yeah 5 toons in outlands now 3 70's a 66 and a brand new minted 58. The perfect scenario would be for everyone to be at or near 68 pre wrath but ill have to see if i can push hard enough on the last 2.

So if anyone was wondering thats what going on currently with the gang.