Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blood for Blood run in ZA

After having defeated the bear boss in ZA with the Shide Devils on Monday evening my raiding guild Blood for Blood had a run Wednesday evening. Some of the people in the raid have had experience in ZA some none and other like maybe one entrance behind the doors. Our group was similar in group comp to the shide devils run. 2 tanks 3 healers 2 mages 2 hunters 1 rogue. As with any group that is trying to learn the dynamics of a new fight we had a couple wipes no ones fault just the learning curve. So we got the bear boss down on our 3rd attempt and we felt pretty good about or raid composition so we decide to give the bird boss a shot. We ran and completed the "gauntlet" the first time out and we all felt good about that. So we had people in the raid with experience explain how this boss fight would go, spread out dps and be prepared to run under boss during electrical storm. Our first attempt things got confused and we didn't get boss below 80%, so we run back in and prepare for 2nd attempt which would be our last because time was getting late. I wish i could say we gloriously defeated the eagle boss but no such luck although he was below 50% are timing on the storm was off. So I still think of the run as a success because we are still building our teamwork and each attempt at the bosses we get better. So the next time B4B goes into ZA bird boss be on notice we know your tricks now. So for all of those who joined me in there again ty for the building teamwork and the excitement of learning new encounters. We might have ended on a wipe but i think as a group we improved with or without phat bird loot.

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Dirz said...

DBM's timer on the bird is off, someone needs to have their ambient sound turned up as high as it can go to here it right- if im not getting my bosses mixed up:)