Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trolling but in a good way

As the period of the game known as Burning Crusade comes to its end, Sidhe Devils went trolling last night. What kind of trolling you ask? Where we massively qqing about nerfs, buffs and or world events; did we all go to the twin cities to fish with our red butted leader 3B himself. Sadly those answers are no Virginia, so let me tell you what we did do.

So as we enjoy doing we went on our weekend raid last night. Seeing how Kara is more of a friendly romp for us now; and we had ventured into ZA a couple times as a guild that was our choice. We have almost had the 1st time chest pre-patch a couple of times, so our raid leader said last night we were gonna get at least the 1st and whatever we could stack on after that. This we all knew in advance and had been asked to do some research so explanations would be at a minimum. So we assembled our band of stalwart adventurers and set off in search of victory. Adding to the exotic feel of ZA a couple of our down under guildies were able to make the run making vent spiced a little with accents.

So in we go and quickly dash threw the gauntlet, we had made sure to bring massive amounts of AoE in the form of 2 mages and 2 hunters. Our tanks also had been informed to AoE as much as you can. So quick dash up the hill, small pause at the top as the first wave of birds descended then over to the stairs pull again and boom gauntlet complete in like 3 minutes. The eagle boss was plucked cleaned so we dash back down the hill and across to the bear boss. His minions we dispatched as quickly and he gave his best but was simply over matched. We were running great on the timer so we advanced to the dragonhawk boss. 95% of the raid had never attempted this one and post 3.0.2 we had to much dps and lost our time run because we didn't allow enough eggs to hatch. So we reconfigure our strategy attempted again and allowed that ancient spirit to find his final rest also. Then in was time for the Lynx boss and his annoying scout patrols that wished to send waves of birds after us, but apparently in game as in life wishing wont get you much and we cleared to the boss with out any additional waves of birds. Now we were at a boss that maybe 1 or 2 of the raid had ever seen so it took us a couple of attempts, without trying to blame I believe it was poor positioning on the part of the Pally tank (me) that cost us one attempt; but my guildies are to kind to tell me L2position noob, but after a few minor adjustments he went down faster than a narc at a biker rally. We then proceed to the hex lord and after our raid leader explained this fight in detail because of the adds we had in we went. We had a unlucky break of cc that aggrod unto a healer so we tried again. Being a older person when he fell I kept hearing a boxing announcer yell "Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier". Here we paused so people could attend to real life issues of children's bedtimes, restroom breaks, etc. We all assembled again opened the final door Monty, and dealt with a wave of unimpressive trash and stood before Zul'Jin. Once again the high points of his abilities are covered including proper pet postioning and we engaged. 1st attempt we had him below 5% but lost our 2 healers and we wiped. I offerd to port to get my healing gear; I know a well prepaired pally would have had it with him, got my port and was nicely summoned back for attempt #2. With what little extra healing I could add we easily overcame him as well. A Sidhe devils first a full ZA clear, yes its been nerfed, yes it was still incredabily fun because we worked as a team and adapted and learned and succeded.

The loot was daggers,mail and cloth pieces mostly. One of our healers a shaman has been trying to get the dang mace from Maiden for what seems like forever and that rng dislikes her, but she gained a nice matching leg and chest piece fashion was probally secondary but one does like to match.

In closing I would just like to say thank you to the devils that made that all saints day run a roaring success, and sometimes trolling can be a fun way to spend the evening.


Nasirah said...

"we had made sure to bring massive amounts of AoE in the form of 2 mages and 2 hunters"

And a Boomkin! Taking Hurricane off cooldown may well have been the greatest thing to happen to me in 3.0.2. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it's pretty darn cool.)

Grai's Gang said...

Yes Nas I forgot about your AoE all i remember wa the insect buzz

Anonymous said...

Was a great time and fantastic to learn stuff with the guild, improve strategy, work together and finally prevail!!

A good sign for things to come.

Ruune said...

Ahem, that last comment was mine.