Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feathers, Fur and Leaves?

Is it a punchline? No its a new store. Nah its the 3b brk love child. No, no, no easy everyone its simply the proof that the end of the world as we know it has come. The Burning Crusade is kaput. How did I come to this fact let me tell you about last night.

So I noticed a last chance for epics notice on the guild portal( aka Kara run) and figured I'd take brat boy again. So i arrive at the appointed time early and wanted to watch our raid form up. Well it started we got druids 4 of em and 3 hunters and then I can only assume grab what was willing to fill out the raid. A pally, a mage, and my rogue. What the rest of the night unfolded explained to me why BC has to go away all the questions got answered, not the truly burning ones what was Kael' really up to but the good ones, are pallys op, why can't hunters tame druids and does leather only drop when im playing plate.

Burning question #1 : Why cant hunters tame druids their exotic,no?
Answer: Druids can not behave as badly as hunter pets. I think ever hunter ask at least once , "Whats my pet doing?"

Somehow they just kept chasing after a random pack of trash and apparently have a taste for elite flesh. Guess that food bill in WotLk is gonna be expensive.

Burning question #2 : Are pallies OP?
Answer: Yes of course we are.
Question #2a: How did the devs find out?
Answer: Naked healing in kara really just your mace and your shield.

I seem to remember getting yelled at long ago for just taking my pants off. Times they are a changing.

Burning question #3: Does leather only drop when I'm playing a plate toon?
Answer: Kinda 1 rogue leather piece entire run these. Also got this little thing from Prince.

Had a wonderful time as always doing a devil's Kara run. For a real rundown of this raid I would suggest either The Big Bear Butt himself or Shrinn's ramblings. As of this post the winner and still world champion feather tank hasnt posted yet.


Nasirah said...

Actually I have, it just hasn't updated on everyone's feeds yet apparently: /cower

Ximera said...

i had the same problem last night. Ever since the patch my "defensive" pet is an offensive machine. if anything i attack, or attacks him, or attacks anyone in the raid it is going going going. bad decision for me in the banquet hall before moroes to have my gorilladin's thunderstomp on. talk about an aggro magnet. ive also noted my tabbing has started pulling things that should not be pulled. Ugh, hunters got stronger with the patch but we need it since we keep screwing up. Seriusly, what was my pet doing last night. Vadecent and Drizzit's pets were doing it too. Learning curve got steep.