Monday, November 3, 2008

Sheenah is a Death Knight

With all apologies to the Ramones for spelling and stealing if finally settled on the name race and gender for my Death Knight that I will have on my main server. I've been bouncing around trying to come up with something either silly or lore good. Off server was the easy one Horde PvP-RP sever Orc; seeing how the original DK was a Orc shaman. Yesterday morning Shrinn was talking with some friends over their vent channel and I was being a wise guy in the background. So what follows is a short version of what lead to my alliance DK toons name.

Shrinn: " Grai wants me to tell you, you could have picked a better band for your priest name"
Unseen: " bite me "
Shrinn: "He's laughing"
Unseen: " bite me "
Shrinn: "Grai says LA can't do punk"
Unseen: "Tell him to get out of the 70's"

conversation devolves into picking on each other over silly mistakes made in the mid 20 levels.

But a seed was planted and what a seed its turned out to be. My DK is not gonna be a main toon just something to have fun with somewhere between getting the played toons to 80. So I wanted something that would have a funny story attached to the name if not the actual character. I'm sure I've mentioned before I used to do the pen and paper versions of this style game so even when I'm not playing on a rp server I like to think each character has a story associated with them. So the bloom of that silly seed so to speak. While i kinda had the name I had no silly story best one I had up until then was somehow she would have been Fal's wife a a female dwarf; why he never went home kinda thing, just seemed like it would become trite quick and destined for deletion. But know ahh know the giggles will always be there for now i shall unveil my new dk.

Race: Gnomish
Gender: Female

Ok i know everyone and is twin cousin are doing these but me, I gots a story.

Before being raised as a DK Sheenah was a spy for the alliance. She used her abilities to sneak in most times. She would be easily distracted by flowers though sometimes stopping running off in a strange direction yelling "HERB" at the top of her tiny lungs. When in combat for the longest time she just stabbed away after her ambush, eviscerate would have been to messy.
But know we will tremble in her heroic awesomeness she will most likely not chase flowers know but I'm sure she will stop and cheer everyone who can whale on the axe that the few, the lucky get to carry. Yes the Arcanite Ripper.

So I have my funny story I do hope the rogue she is modeled after shares the giggle

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I remain Unseen said...

ZOMG what type of rogue would actually stack spirit? I cant believe you would make another one >.< but to each their own! Personally i think if you name your DK Sheenah i may name mine DDramone