Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was over takin by madness!!!

Last night I can only claim i must have been in a fever dream, why else would I have ran 31/2 dungeons in one day. The day started normally enough just couldn't get desire to play. So I log off wrote a blog post annoyed Shrinn, you know normal stuff. Well I decide to log back in mid-afternoon server time play around on my spriest for awhile when I see this in gchat. "Fal wanna help get achivement for Strat?"; Strathome ooh goodie, "yeah let me get the palladin.". The group was being formed by a rogue we had a druid/mage so I thought we were gonna 3 man it. Nope we decide to fill out a grp of 5. Our mage was having movement issuses and he dropped but we soliderd on with a group of 4 2prot pallies, 1 hunter, and a rogue. Grai went with his spell dmg/healing set, more resilince in place of pve healing items. Well its starts bye Ishvi Jenkins himself, didnt even wait for me to follow him. He had the whole main hallway from front enterance, from then on it was which pallies pile could be bigger; we caused the most damage strathome (dead side) has seen that fast since Arethas went threw there. I couldn't complete live side as Shrinn had dinner ready i did say i was annoying her earlier i wasn't gonna delay dinner. So I left with half an achivement such the slacker am I.

So a couple hours later I log back in. Again that Mr. Jenkins is trying to cause mayhem and destruction to another place, by calmly asking again in gchat" anybody wanna heal or tank for slave pens?"; I wait and see its non heroic and it appears we have a healer. So i offer to have PrimalGrai tank it, Pad's pet gorilla. So at this point we had a mid 60's rogue, a ubber priest healer at 70 and Pad with his gorilla also at 70. So Mr.Jenkins decides we need more dps so we get 2 more hunters. Group set off we go, apparently even PrimalGrai was overcome by madness because he took okk and just started grabbing as many as he could trying to make piles. Shadewynn's(sp) healing was awesome it was get a group, chain shoot volley on to next group. Vroom! Vroom! wow we are at the finall boss, again I hear "hey wanna do UB so I can complete quest line?", sure and the vroom!vroom! machine was off again. Same kinda scenario and vroom! vroom! definetly seemed to be the pace we set. Boom again wow final boss dead Mr. Ninja Jenkins yes you can have all the loot still, loot the boss and we are done.

Well simple math means either or more run or I cant add. Check memory nope one more run wasn't sure about the math. Now the healer who did those 2 runs was trying to get a heroic Shadow Labs run in. So we had a druid tank,(sux), 2 mages, 1 sp, and a recently respec pally healer. Vroom! were off and kept a good solid pace all the way thru. Mistimed a couple of things but no huge worries, except when it was loot time and everyone was passing. A fun run threw a dungeon that early in bc was a beast.

It in retrospect it might have been my last 5 man style runs before wrath launches and seems fitting now that is happened to be those 5. Strathome pallies first came alive in that instance pre bc we could do all three things in there tanks check, ret dps check(all that undead), heals check but thats all we could do pre bc. Slave Pens and Underbog I ran those more instances as ealry heroics that I could and did run them sometimes half asleep. Shadow Labs the part of the kara key chain quest that in my opion let ya know if your gear was ready way back when. So if it was a farewell wave to instancing in 5 mans pre- launch my madeness was well served.

Also I'm horrid trying to remember names. If i didnt mention you its i didnt want to butcher your name. Thanks to all of you for making that such a fun day.


joe said...

Strat was you, myself, Moonsongdown, Asge ('till his comp crapped out), and Melpo (the instigator). Slavepens/UB was Ishvah(loot whoooooore), you, Shadewynn, Papersmith, and another hunter...I know they had a t-rex and came from Ungoro to help...but can't remember their name...

ASH said...

*ASH/Asge waves at you*

Wish my computer didn't break down.

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