Monday, November 24, 2008

What I've been doing in Wrath so far

Not gonna be a long post just a quick update on where everyone is at. Grai is currently at 73 building some rest for the next push. Have tanked both Uk and nexus and even healed nexus once. Working on his trade skills maxed his skinning and slowly pushing his lwing up. Fal is @ 71 maxed mining and bsing is around 410'ish range need more levels so I can survive the basin really want the belt buckle recipe. Pad and Carack haven't quested Pad did some very limited gathering via his extractor but nothing notable.

One thing i must say though is Dalaran may be the best Blizz has ever given us. Yeah it kills my fps but its beautiful. So in closing I'm really enjoying the first few weeks of the xpac. Now must go back to leveling.

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