Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey anybody seen the Band?

First off I aint part of this "gang" thingy Grai talks about. Me I still confuddled as to who or what I am supposed to be doing. I was going to Strathome gonna hang with the band and just kinda have a lost weekend. Somebody was running around saying don't eat the bread its gonna do bad things man. So I was just staying by myself waiting for the event to kick off, then someone screams something about the kings son is killing everyone. Then stuff gets hazy for awhile.

When I do gets my memory fully back. I somehow snagged a follower, he takes off and changes his name a lot so me I call him Johhny Rotten. So I just get back to IF, and get this mail from Grai, he talked about the passage of time and hows he got some weird thing peoples come read and he calls it "Grais Gang". I figure its for him and his septuagenarian crowd, were they talk about scars and such. "No I don't wanna see yours!" So as not to be rude I scroll through some of his ramblings and I see my name mentioned; could be creepy, could be nice dunno. So as I read threw it I got alarmed then laughed. I was no cheerleader that extra spirit was a mistake honestly. Then about randomly running off, bah it wasn't about pretty flowers it was about science, he wouldn't get that being a human and a pally. Why would you wanna get hit for a living really. Then as I read what people had wrote back to him expecting them to be really mean to him, I saw something about DD.

So long way to ask a question but "hey has anybody seen DD or the rest of the band?

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