Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am the Walrus

Ok i apologize to Mr. Lennon and the rest of The Beatles, but after drinking a potion I found in the sewers and having this happen; it was literally the first thing to pop into my mind.

So while doing last nights cooking daily needing to get mushrooms from the sewers i found this potion stating only usable in Dalaran, collect drink and Poof!! Other than the obvious effect it also includes a 10 minute +50 fishing buff for you coin collectors.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What I've been doing in Wrath so far

Not gonna be a long post just a quick update on where everyone is at. Grai is currently at 73 building some rest for the next push. Have tanked both Uk and nexus and even healed nexus once. Working on his trade skills maxed his skinning and slowly pushing his lwing up. Fal is @ 71 maxed mining and bsing is around 410'ish range need more levels so I can survive the basin really want the belt buckle recipe. Pad and Carack haven't quested Pad did some very limited gathering via his extractor but nothing notable.

One thing i must say though is Dalaran may be the best Blizz has ever given us. Yeah it kills my fps but its beautiful. So in closing I'm really enjoying the first few weeks of the xpac. Now must go back to leveling.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey anybody seen the Band?

First off I aint part of this "gang" thingy Grai talks about. Me I still confuddled as to who or what I am supposed to be doing. I was going to Strathome gonna hang with the band and just kinda have a lost weekend. Somebody was running around saying don't eat the bread its gonna do bad things man. So I was just staying by myself waiting for the event to kick off, then someone screams something about the kings son is killing everyone. Then stuff gets hazy for awhile.

When I do gets my memory fully back. I somehow snagged a follower, he takes off and changes his name a lot so me I call him Johhny Rotten. So I just get back to IF, and get this mail from Grai, he talked about the passage of time and hows he got some weird thing peoples come read and he calls it "Grais Gang". I figure its for him and his septuagenarian crowd, were they talk about scars and such. "No I don't wanna see yours!" So as not to be rude I scroll through some of his ramblings and I see my name mentioned; could be creepy, could be nice dunno. So as I read threw it I got alarmed then laughed. I was no cheerleader that extra spirit was a mistake honestly. Then about randomly running off, bah it wasn't about pretty flowers it was about science, he wouldn't get that being a human and a pally. Why would you wanna get hit for a living really. Then as I read what people had wrote back to him expecting them to be really mean to him, I saw something about DD.

So long way to ask a question but "hey has anybody seen DD or the rest of the band?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feathers, Fur and Leaves?

Is it a punchline? No its a new store. Nah its the 3b brk love child. No, no, no easy everyone its simply the proof that the end of the world as we know it has come. The Burning Crusade is kaput. How did I come to this fact let me tell you about last night.

So I noticed a last chance for epics notice on the guild portal( aka Kara run) and figured I'd take brat boy again. So i arrive at the appointed time early and wanted to watch our raid form up. Well it started we got druids 4 of em and 3 hunters and then I can only assume grab what was willing to fill out the raid. A pally, a mage, and my rogue. What the rest of the night unfolded explained to me why BC has to go away all the questions got answered, not the truly burning ones what was Kael' really up to but the good ones, are pallys op, why can't hunters tame druids and does leather only drop when im playing plate.

Burning question #1 : Why cant hunters tame druids their exotic,no?
Answer: Druids can not behave as badly as hunter pets. I think ever hunter ask at least once , "Whats my pet doing?"

Somehow they just kept chasing after a random pack of trash and apparently have a taste for elite flesh. Guess that food bill in WotLk is gonna be expensive.

Burning question #2 : Are pallies OP?
Answer: Yes of course we are.
Question #2a: How did the devs find out?
Answer: Naked healing in kara really just your mace and your shield.

I seem to remember getting yelled at long ago for just taking my pants off. Times they are a changing.

Burning question #3: Does leather only drop when I'm playing a plate toon?
Answer: Kinda 1 rogue leather piece entire run these. Also got this little thing from Prince.

Had a wonderful time as always doing a devil's Kara run. For a real rundown of this raid I would suggest either The Big Bear Butt himself or Shrinn's ramblings. As of this post the winner and still world champion feather tank hasnt posted yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was over takin by madness!!!

Last night I can only claim i must have been in a fever dream, why else would I have ran 31/2 dungeons in one day. The day started normally enough just couldn't get desire to play. So I log off wrote a blog post annoyed Shrinn, you know normal stuff. Well I decide to log back in mid-afternoon server time play around on my spriest for awhile when I see this in gchat. "Fal wanna help get achivement for Strat?"; Strathome ooh goodie, "yeah let me get the palladin.". The group was being formed by a rogue we had a druid/mage so I thought we were gonna 3 man it. Nope we decide to fill out a grp of 5. Our mage was having movement issuses and he dropped but we soliderd on with a group of 4 2prot pallies, 1 hunter, and a rogue. Grai went with his spell dmg/healing set, more resilince in place of pve healing items. Well its starts bye Ishvi Jenkins himself, didnt even wait for me to follow him. He had the whole main hallway from front enterance, from then on it was which pallies pile could be bigger; we caused the most damage strathome (dead side) has seen that fast since Arethas went threw there. I couldn't complete live side as Shrinn had dinner ready i did say i was annoying her earlier i wasn't gonna delay dinner. So I left with half an achivement such the slacker am I.

So a couple hours later I log back in. Again that Mr. Jenkins is trying to cause mayhem and destruction to another place, by calmly asking again in gchat" anybody wanna heal or tank for slave pens?"; I wait and see its non heroic and it appears we have a healer. So i offer to have PrimalGrai tank it, Pad's pet gorilla. So at this point we had a mid 60's rogue, a ubber priest healer at 70 and Pad with his gorilla also at 70. So Mr.Jenkins decides we need more dps so we get 2 more hunters. Group set off we go, apparently even PrimalGrai was overcome by madness because he took okk and just started grabbing as many as he could trying to make piles. Shadewynn's(sp) healing was awesome it was get a group, chain shoot volley on to next group. Vroom! Vroom! wow we are at the finall boss, again I hear "hey wanna do UB so I can complete quest line?", sure and the vroom!vroom! machine was off again. Same kinda scenario and vroom! vroom! definetly seemed to be the pace we set. Boom again wow final boss dead Mr. Ninja Jenkins yes you can have all the loot still, loot the boss and we are done.

Well simple math means either or more run or I cant add. Check memory nope one more run wasn't sure about the math. Now the healer who did those 2 runs was trying to get a heroic Shadow Labs run in. So we had a druid tank,(sux), 2 mages, 1 sp, and a recently respec pally healer. Vroom! were off and kept a good solid pace all the way thru. Mistimed a couple of things but no huge worries, except when it was loot time and everyone was passing. A fun run threw a dungeon that early in bc was a beast.

It in retrospect it might have been my last 5 man style runs before wrath launches and seems fitting now that is happened to be those 5. Strathome pallies first came alive in that instance pre bc we could do all three things in there tanks check, ret dps check(all that undead), heals check but thats all we could do pre bc. Slave Pens and Underbog I ran those more instances as ealry heroics that I could and did run them sometimes half asleep. Shadow Labs the part of the kara key chain quest that in my opion let ya know if your gear was ready way back when. So if it was a farewell wave to instancing in 5 mans pre- launch my madeness was well served.

Also I'm horrid trying to remember names. If i didnt mention you its i didnt want to butcher your name. Thanks to all of you for making that such a fun day.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sheenah is a Death Knight

With all apologies to the Ramones for spelling and stealing if finally settled on the name race and gender for my Death Knight that I will have on my main server. I've been bouncing around trying to come up with something either silly or lore good. Off server was the easy one Horde PvP-RP sever Orc; seeing how the original DK was a Orc shaman. Yesterday morning Shrinn was talking with some friends over their vent channel and I was being a wise guy in the background. So what follows is a short version of what lead to my alliance DK toons name.

Shrinn: " Grai wants me to tell you, you could have picked a better band for your priest name"
Unseen: " bite me "
Shrinn: "He's laughing"
Unseen: " bite me "
Shrinn: "Grai says LA can't do punk"
Unseen: "Tell him to get out of the 70's"

conversation devolves into picking on each other over silly mistakes made in the mid 20 levels.

But a seed was planted and what a seed its turned out to be. My DK is not gonna be a main toon just something to have fun with somewhere between getting the played toons to 80. So I wanted something that would have a funny story attached to the name if not the actual character. I'm sure I've mentioned before I used to do the pen and paper versions of this style game so even when I'm not playing on a rp server I like to think each character has a story associated with them. So the bloom of that silly seed so to speak. While i kinda had the name I had no silly story best one I had up until then was somehow she would have been Fal's wife a a female dwarf; why he never went home kinda thing, just seemed like it would become trite quick and destined for deletion. But know ahh know the giggles will always be there for now i shall unveil my new dk.

Race: Gnomish
Gender: Female

Ok i know everyone and is twin cousin are doing these but me, I gots a story.

Before being raised as a DK Sheenah was a spy for the alliance. She used her abilities to sneak in most times. She would be easily distracted by flowers though sometimes stopping running off in a strange direction yelling "HERB" at the top of her tiny lungs. When in combat for the longest time she just stabbed away after her ambush, eviscerate would have been to messy.
But know we will tremble in her heroic awesomeness she will most likely not chase flowers know but I'm sure she will stop and cheer everyone who can whale on the axe that the few, the lucky get to carry. Yes the Arcanite Ripper.

So I have my funny story I do hope the rogue she is modeled after shares the giggle

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trolling but in a good way

As the period of the game known as Burning Crusade comes to its end, Sidhe Devils went trolling last night. What kind of trolling you ask? Where we massively qqing about nerfs, buffs and or world events; did we all go to the twin cities to fish with our red butted leader 3B himself. Sadly those answers are no Virginia, so let me tell you what we did do.

So as we enjoy doing we went on our weekend raid last night. Seeing how Kara is more of a friendly romp for us now; and we had ventured into ZA a couple times as a guild that was our choice. We have almost had the 1st time chest pre-patch a couple of times, so our raid leader said last night we were gonna get at least the 1st and whatever we could stack on after that. This we all knew in advance and had been asked to do some research so explanations would be at a minimum. So we assembled our band of stalwart adventurers and set off in search of victory. Adding to the exotic feel of ZA a couple of our down under guildies were able to make the run making vent spiced a little with accents.

So in we go and quickly dash threw the gauntlet, we had made sure to bring massive amounts of AoE in the form of 2 mages and 2 hunters. Our tanks also had been informed to AoE as much as you can. So quick dash up the hill, small pause at the top as the first wave of birds descended then over to the stairs pull again and boom gauntlet complete in like 3 minutes. The eagle boss was plucked cleaned so we dash back down the hill and across to the bear boss. His minions we dispatched as quickly and he gave his best but was simply over matched. We were running great on the timer so we advanced to the dragonhawk boss. 95% of the raid had never attempted this one and post 3.0.2 we had to much dps and lost our time run because we didn't allow enough eggs to hatch. So we reconfigure our strategy attempted again and allowed that ancient spirit to find his final rest also. Then in was time for the Lynx boss and his annoying scout patrols that wished to send waves of birds after us, but apparently in game as in life wishing wont get you much and we cleared to the boss with out any additional waves of birds. Now we were at a boss that maybe 1 or 2 of the raid had ever seen so it took us a couple of attempts, without trying to blame I believe it was poor positioning on the part of the Pally tank (me) that cost us one attempt; but my guildies are to kind to tell me L2position noob, but after a few minor adjustments he went down faster than a narc at a biker rally. We then proceed to the hex lord and after our raid leader explained this fight in detail because of the adds we had in we went. We had a unlucky break of cc that aggrod unto a healer so we tried again. Being a older person when he fell I kept hearing a boxing announcer yell "Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier". Here we paused so people could attend to real life issues of children's bedtimes, restroom breaks, etc. We all assembled again opened the final door Monty, and dealt with a wave of unimpressive trash and stood before Zul'Jin. Once again the high points of his abilities are covered including proper pet postioning and we engaged. 1st attempt we had him below 5% but lost our 2 healers and we wiped. I offerd to port to get my healing gear; I know a well prepaired pally would have had it with him, got my port and was nicely summoned back for attempt #2. With what little extra healing I could add we easily overcame him as well. A Sidhe devils first a full ZA clear, yes its been nerfed, yes it was still incredabily fun because we worked as a team and adapted and learned and succeded.

The loot was daggers,mail and cloth pieces mostly. One of our healers a shaman has been trying to get the dang mace from Maiden for what seems like forever and that rng dislikes her, but she gained a nice matching leg and chest piece fashion was probally secondary but one does like to match.

In closing I would just like to say thank you to the devils that made that all saints day run a roaring success, and sometimes trolling can be a fun way to spend the evening.