Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grai's Kara run

Last night was Grai's turn to run kara. He's currently helping a friend try to get some of the new people in his guild geared up to try and make a push to see some higher content before the xpac lands. It wasn't what one would call a smooth start, apparently we had a few last minute change of plans, but the group finally got formed. So we get thru attunemen without any issues and head over to the stairs. After pulling the 2 groups of non elite trash someones pet attacks the elite group of 5 first wipe of the night. Then we get thru moroes 2 tries, first one we had a problem with shackle and traps but we got it figured out. Now is when the run gets interesting, we are moving thru upper ballroom pulling the non elite trash that near the doorway to maidens hallway. Again we had someone pull the elite group so I run over to where the healers are grouped consecrate have all the nasties on me and then poof they leave me. 3B on my honor this is the truth, when the mobs suddenly depart from me I look up and see that i got DI'd; yeah one of our pally healers Di'd the tank. Needless to say we wiped again. Ok we clear thru to maiden, as MT I was setting up who would have Blessing of Sacrifice (BoS) on me so that at least one healer wouldnt be silenced. Ready check done I pop the wings run in judge righteous on maiden drop a max rank consecrate turn around and the ot decide to use every max threat ability and pull maiden off me, still don't know why. We wipe again. 2nd try same people same assignments
I do my little pally wings run in have maiden locked up with threat dps is going fine then boom I'm dead. The BoS pally healer who is supposed to be healing me has a full mana bar but I'm dead. I take the blame for alot of wipes but not this one. So his guild leader asked him what was he thinking, his response was that he was casting BoS and a down ranked holy light. Quick check of the combat log and he must have been casting holy light rank 1, So his guild leader a person with 2 70 pallys asked him nicely to use a higher ranked spell because he was the main healer for the mt. 3rd try after or dps ret pally switched to healing gear maiden goes down. Now on the the ushers a pain but doable we had a shackle so we only had one at a time. First pull I'm dead before they even tried to Ice block me again the same pally has a full mana bar and makes a statement that the Ot should MT these because apparently I cant. When asked again why he has a full mana bar he flips out cursing and accusing people of saying he's not healing. When it was pointed out that he had full mana bar he gquits and then leaves the raid. By this time im angry well maybe a little past angry, I understand wipes happen, I always take blame for wipes because as a tank its my job to make sure they don't happen. So I did something that I'm not very proud of a cursed in raid vent chat. I'm not a prude lord knows but i try to be civil and not use vulgarity because I've found that it has no redeeming aspect to most conversations. So i get up from the desk and walk around the house. Shrinn glanced away from her screen for a minute and ask "that bad" so I told her that I cursed over vent and am upset with myself and at this point the entire raid. By know we have spent over 2 hours for 5 badges. Well after we shuffle spots around we continue. We managed to one shot everything else up to chess. No illhoof because we didn't have a warlock. I hate to blame people more than i oppose cursing but I was glad to see that pally leave.

So it turned out okay I guess and I apologized to everyone for cursing in the raid. It just truly made me appreciate the smoothness of a good team of skilled players and not preeners. I gave my friend my word that i would help their guild so i will stay with them for awhile. As with everything in life it wasn't all bad, it was just a trying run that felt like a grind.

I'll put on my optimist hat and hope that are next foray is better and we learned as a group how to work together. As they say hope springs eternal,my spring got a little stretched i just hope it didn't go doing and break.


Beowulfa said...

Aww that stinks. If you run with them again hopefully it will be a bit smoother.

Dirz said...

That sucks Grai- I remember spending 5 hours and not even downing moroes or maiden- you'll get there:)