Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hmmm isnt the tank supposed to have a sheild?

Yesterday afternoon as i was checking mail and what not on the character sheet; I got a whisper from a guildy they needed a healer for Sunken Temple. Although Fanabb is shadow at his level its not a big deal so i said "sure throw me an invite." Well we all get there warrior,hunter,mage,rogue and me(shadow priest). Sounds like a killer group for ST, we have 4 forms of cc and including shackle for those nasty undead. Well we were progressing fairly well get thru all the mini bosses figuring out who's cc what and kill order etc. . Was running oom(out of mana) alot but i could normally heal 2 pulls before i need to drink. We drop down to the dragon area and then the warrior links his off hand weapon he's been using. What the tank is duel wielding. I have 2 tank capable classes so I'm thinking what is this guy doing. Needles to say it turned into a wipe fest. I have a huge problem with ST other than the fact that i have to go there to do the lvl 50 class quest i stay out. So I run back get back into the instance and immediately get lost. So this continues for a few minutes, we have respawn and apparently some of the group thinks i can solo them (insert laugh track). After 2 or maybe 3 more gy runs we are up against time now( dinner hour) so we decided to try to summon the dragon didn't work as i ended up oom again.

So please all you warrior's & pally's pls if u wanna tank bring a shield and help out a poor old priest every once in awhile.

Or if ya wanna tank without a shield roll a druid.....rumor has it BRK still needs pets so u might even get to be exotic

my rambling rant is over and this one was definitely a misadventure worthy of the gang


Shrinn said...

My druid tanks with her face...thanks for asking! :)
& no, my love, i will not be ur exotic pet...not in the game anyhow! ;p

Beowulfa said...

LOL @ Shrinn

TheBigBearButt said...

Well, it depends on the tank, I guess. Did he think he was over-leveled for it?

I remember Cassie and I did a run with Legatum peeps in ST once, with a level 70 Pally Tank from Legatum that was, frankly, incompetent.

We often had him run in, pull everything and die quickly. No warning, he'd just go round everyhting up, and try to take it down while we ran to catch up to him.

He'd die before we could even each him, and then the rest of us would use CC and focus fire and smart gameplay to actually win... adn then push forward as fast as possible to get stuff done before he was able to get back from the GY.

Yeah... sometimes, having a 70 in a 50 instance doesn't mean 'I'm uber'.