Monday, July 28, 2008

Zul' Aman

Some times the game gives one back to you. I had a poor run last Friday night on Grai in kara; and i have already ranted about that, this one is a happy tale of fun more fun and success. 3B had set up a one boss run into ZA for the sidhe devils for Monday evening mainly for some of us to see it and get our 20 slot bags for the quest. He asked if Fal would be willing to be the 2nd tank, I was more than willing so we had the team set. 2 tanks 3 awesome healers and 5 very powerful dps. Now I have never seen the inside of ZA before so i had a few nerves I really like my warrior Fal just was concerned about his gear. So we start it up and handle the first couple pulls okay a few problems and maybe 2 wipes more from some people being new (see dwarf tank) more than anything else. Now we are on the boss full raid buffed Fal sits around 17 k hp and 13k armor a little light for za but we gave it a shot. First try something went wrong most likely my fault but 3B said lets try again. After we run back we take a break to do the hex toads and got a purple tailoring pattern. Again 3B lightens the mood saying hey we already got an epic relaxing me a ton and calming my nerves alot. 2nd attempt I go down way early and leave 3B alone on the bear boss a 2 tank fight by most descriptions. Well our healers kept him up thru 3 changes with mangles and cleaves, yeah we have ubber healers i can't say that enough. So i offer to switch out Fal for Grai he has better overall gear and I probally am better at pally tanking than I am at warrior tanking. So they have to summon me and thru all of this there is no complaining or whining everyone is just waiting. So now I'm really nervous again, I have played Grai with sidhe devils before but he was holy at that time, so my first tanking experience is on the 1st za boss and I don't wanna cause a wipe because i missed a taunt or some other boneheaded move. So 3B says to start I pop the wings run in judge a righteousness and away we go. I'm watching the countdown to form shift so I don't have a consecration down so 3B can taunt and get threat. 1st switch was flawless now I have to taunt of the best druid tank I've ever seen. I'm thinking of everything that can go wrong but he switches form I hit righteous defense and bang I have the aggro. So we continued thru the fight and before i know it the boss is down. It was really nice to see new content and to be honest the nerves made it better, I wasn't worried about failing and getting "blamed" I didn't wanna let my team down. It was incredible fun because the stress wasn't about oh we gotta get thru this its was a fun run because we all looked for the fun in the run. So maybe wow gave one back or maybe its about finding that special group of people to run with. To all the sidhe devils I'm terrible with names so I try not to add any ones name so i don't forgot anyone. But I will yell as load as i can that we have some of the best heals and dps in the game, plus a great druid tank and i wanted to thank all of you again for letting me tag along to have some great times in this silly game we all play.


Shrinn said...

Grats Grai! Good to see you enjoying the game again!

Beowulfa said...

You is awesome!

I mean it!