Saturday, July 12, 2008


Last night was one of the tough ones. Just couldn't seem to get the heck out of our own way. We made it to chess but at 3:30 am est we decide to say phooey. I think most of had our heads someplace other than the game. The healer most likely the worst one. 15 badges so Grai is down to 7 more for the badge chest piece. Hopefully with the new cp ill be over 1600+ healing here's hoping.

Falromord gets to go tonight not a guild run. Helping out some of the wonderful people over at Sidhe Devils. Will be incredibly fun just to be pure dps. No OT no MT and no healing just get to go in and break somebodies stuff. Ah the beauty in simply being a angry dwarf. Being fury in Kara i have no drop list just badges and if i could hope maybe an odd piece of t4. But for a smooth run and good teammates ill give up drops, i need a fun run tonight had the work one already

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