Friday, July 25, 2008

Why wipes are my fault

As the readers of Wulfa's blog already know SL went smooth last night. 2 1/2 wipes not perfect but not bad either. I would just like to explain here why I think most wipes are my fault. I have 2 tanks, and being the tomato can out front can be very fun most times for me. I mean how hard is it run in and make things mad at you and get hit. I often thought as a tank i have the easiest job, swing block thunder stomp or consecration depending on who's getting beat on(grai or fal) . So wipe one was completely my oops as I asked Xiliah(spelling) our SP to mind control one of the mobs in blackheart's room; now being tank they asked me to mark well i really marked the wrong mob, never have your Mc'd mob be closest to the next pull or u get them all. So after we run back and everyone was very nice and didn't question what was i thinking. We then cleared thru blackheart and vorpril and are on our way to mur'mur. After have a refresher on how to pull that hallway we get to mur'mur no wipes. On mur'mur our first shot didnt work your friendly short legged tank didn't get out of his aoe in time down goes the grp. Run back 2nd time we get mur'mur.

The reason i take fault for wipes is twofold #1) did i mark things wrong i.e. first wipe #2) did i not annoy all the mobs enough. So if I only have 2 jobs to do I should be able to handle that right. I'm not chain trapping, mind controlling or focus shackle or sheeping, I'm just trying to get hit and keep everyone in an area so the DPS can do their thing. So if i dont preform properly it can cause a wipe. We all know stuff happens but in general, I'll assume responsability because well its mine.

I have ran with tanks that think they are the be all and end all of "tanking", once in Gruul's I ran with a self described "god" tank we wiped but oh well. I make no claim to being anywhere near that good. I try my best to have the proper gear and I hope by now a little skill, but first and foremost I try to be a team player and do my job.

So when the runs over and hopefully team mates,guild mates or pug mates get some gear I can be happy for them because we all got the job done. The credit I think always goes to the following in the following order, CC/DPS if you are doing 2 jobs its harder than mine, healers without whom we would get nowhere, then finally the meat sheild why tanks last you ask and my only answer ever is always the same " I just get hit" and how hard is that.

wow way longer than i thought i would be if ya hung in thru all of it ty

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TheBigBearButt said...

It's a good point, I always take responsiblity for wipes too, for much the same reason.

But you can't have it both ways. If you're saying that marking properly, generating enough threat and hanging on long enough to give your party a strong shot at healing you and DPSing the bad guys is your job, and wipes are your fault for this... then you should accept that these things take skill, and thus are part of your 'hard' tanking job.

Remember, just because you are good at what you do, practised and assured and feel that what you are doing comes so naturally that it's 'easy', doesn't mean it really is for someone else.

Props to you, you do a great job, as I know from personal experience.